Zach LaVine Wants To Get A Contract Extension Done With The Chicago Bulls: "As Long As It Gets Done, I'll Be Happy... I Want To Be With The Bulls."

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(via ABC7 Chicago)

(via ABC7 Chicago)

Zach LaVine is the Chicago Bulls' best player, and he was rewarded for his efforts with an All-Star appearance this season. LaVine will be on the last year of his deal with the Chicago Bulls this season, and there has been some speculation about whether he will remain with them and sign an extension.

It looks as though on LaVine's end, he wants to remain with the Chicago Bulls. On the recent Bulls Talk podcast, Zach LaVine covered his extension, and stated that he wanted to remain with the Chicago Bulls, no matter whether an extension was done this offseason or the next.

With me, I try to let my agent handle everything. But as long as it gets done, I'll be happy. I mean, obviously, I want to be with the Bulls and you don't want to implicate, you know, free agency, and I understand, like the cap room that goes into it with a sizable extension with me. So, I want the team to be good, but then I also want to be taken care of as well. I feel like I've done really well by the Bulls, and obviously I want to be here long-term, and I feel like I deserve what I get. So, it is what it is. We'll figure (it) out when that comes. If it's this year, next year, we'll just see what happens.

It is clear that Zach LaVine wishes to stay in Chicago. He has had the best year of his career this seasons, and the front office acquired Nikola Vucevic to give him an All-Star caliber teammate. While they didn't end up making the playoffs, perhaps they'll have an opportunity to do it next season. Zach LaVine is the best shooting guard in Chicago since Michael Jordan, and if he stays, he could potentially bring that franchise to greatness once again.