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Zion Williamson Believes He Could Have Been An NFL Player As A Tight End Or A Wide Receiver

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(via CNN International)

(via CNN International)

Zion Williamson is one of the most exciting prospects in the NBA right now, as he is a freight train when driving inside, and can finish over anyone due to his athleticism. Zion Williamson's unique build has allowed him to dominate in basketball. When watching some NBA players play, it is often interesting to think about how they would do in another sport.

Zion Williamson has recently stated that he could have made it to the NFL. Zion's athletic build certainly lends credence to his opinion, and while he may not have dominated the game as he does in the NBA, he would certainly have been a capable NFL player. Williamson has stated that his best bet would probably have been the wide receiver position or the tight end position.

Yeah, I believe I could... I’m just a competitor... I think I would either do tight end or receiver. One of those two.

Had Zion Williamson chosen to pursue the NFL, we would not have the privilege of watching him play today. His speed and agility for his size would have made him a menace in American football. Zion Williamson is definitely one of the players that could have picked between a number of sports and done reasonably well in all of them. However, he ended up choosing basketball, leading to what we see today: a young superstar with a promising future ahead of him. Zion Williamson is going to be great for the league: he is a box office star, who looks like he could be an effortless scorer his entire career.