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Zion Williamson On His Former Teammate RJ Barrett: "I Got My Own Business To Handle Over Here..."

(via CNN International)

(via CNN International)

Zion Williamson has emerged as a major star for the New Orleans Pelicans, and it is with him that their future lies.

And while the New Orleans star has an extensive history, he prefers to look in the now. In a recent interview with ESPN, Malika Andrews shot him a question about his former teammate, RJ Barrett, to which Williamson had an interesting response.

“I mean let me give an honest answer uh in the end of the day I’m happy for him uh it was nice seeing him out on the court because that was my first time actually getting to play against him but it’s like my mom taught me that’s nice enough for him but I got my own business to handle over here.”

Obviously, Zion and RJ share some history together as teammates at Duke. And while they achieved great success there, they're in separate worlds now.

Zion is focused on helping the Pelicans reach the pinnacle of playoff success, a mission that has proven difficult so far. Amid a stacked Western Conference and a roster with plenty of flaws, the Pelicans are facing an uphill climb if they want to make the playoffs this year.

Still, so long as they have Zion, they've got a way -- and, lucky for them, he seems as focused now as he ever has been before.