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Zion Williamson's Personal Chef Says The Superstar's Goal Is To Win The 2022-23 MVP: "My Boy Says He Wants The League MVP This Year."

Zion Williamson

It is safe to say that Zion Williamson is enjoying life at the moment after some rough times in the last year or so. Zion missed the entire 2021-22 NBA season with an injury, and in the meantime, rumors swirled around that he wanted to leave the Pelicans as well. Then in these last couple of months, he saw his team give the top-seeded Phoenix Suns a mighty scare in the first round of the playoffs without him. The franchise also opted to give him the designated maximum rookie extension despite all his injury troubles.

Zion was ecstatic to sign the extension and declared that his ultimate goal is to win a title with the Pelicans. Staying fit and healthy is key to that, but Williamson's diet has often come into question in that regard. His eating habits have been scrutinized as his weight seemed to be getting out of control, and Zion has taken these concerns seriously, having hired Christian Green as his new chef earlier this year. 

Green has worked with NBA as well as NFL players in the past, and he was asked about the goal from a dietary standpoint during a recent interview, where he also revealed Zion wants to win MVP this upcoming season.

via NOLA:

"Definitely getting him in tiptop shape. My boy says he wants the league MVP this year. I see it. I believe it."

While that is a lofty goal, it is something he is capable of accomplishing if he stays healthy, but that is a big if. The last we saw of Zion, he was averaging 27 points on 61.1% shooting from the field in the 2020-21 campaign, and if he doesn't miss a significant amount of time while improving on those numbers, then he could well be in the mix for MVP next season.

The rest of the roster looks in great shape, and if they can build on their performances toward the end of last season, then they should find themselves near the top of the Western Conference.