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Brian Scalabrine Says The Boston Celtics Have The Best Trade Package For Kevin Durant: Jaylen Brown, Daniel Theis, And Three Draft Picks

Brian Scalabrine Says The Boston Celtics Have The Best Trade Package For Kevin Durant- Jaylen Brown, Daniel Theis, and Three Draft Picks

In Boston, the Celtics are still feeling sour after coming up short in the NBA Finals. At one point, they were up 2-1 against the Warriors, and now they will forever be stuck with the memory of their enemy raising the Larry O'Brien trophy on their home court.

But just because this season ended in failure doesn't mean next season has to end the same way. 

On SiriusXM NBA Radio, former Celtics big man Brian Scalabrine suggested that Boston could make a run for Kevin Durant with the pieces they currently have available.

Here is his explanation:

“Jaylen Brown, three picks, two rights to swap and Daniel Theis, the money works,” said Scalabrine.“You’re getting the All-Star caliber player, and you’re getting picks moving forward, and you have to understand that there is a connection. The Al Horford connection with Kevin Durant, they were kind of linked during that free agency when he went to Golden State. He loves Marcus Smart as a player, the Hamptons visit, all that stuff. Ime Udoka, he coached him, and he’s always chatting it up with Udoka on the sideline during the game, and you get a chance to play with Jayson Tatum, a guy he’s played on the Olympic team with him, where they worked out together and stuff like that. So, there is a connection. It’s not crazy to think that something like that could happen if, if and only if, Kevin Durant decides, ‘Alright, I want to be out of here.'”

Jaylen Brown is a really good wing player, and the chance to land him would be enticing for the Nets, who would most likely be ready for a rebuild if they move on from KD.

While we would throw in a couple more assets to sweeten the deal, it's a decent trade for both sides and one that would clearly make Boston the favorites in the East.

But whether or not the Cs will be willing to trade their homegrown star for a guy of Durant's caliber remains to be seen. After finishing the season just two wins away from the title, Boston might feel like playing their odds with Tatum and Brown for a while longer.