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Former Coach Believes That Heat And Suns Should Make A Trade Exchanging Tyler Herro And Cam Johnson

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Tyler Herro is one of the best young shooting guards in the league, and there's no doubt that he's had a fantastic start to his career thus far. He has already been to the NBA Finals and is the reigning Sixth Man of the Year. This past season, Tyler Herro averaged 20.7 PPG, 5.0 RPG, and 4.0 APG for the Miami Heat.

It is clear that many people are high on Tyler Herro, and for good reason. His talent has been on display, and Udonis Haslem once suggested that Herro is on the same level as superstars Luka Doncic and Trae Young.

He just hasn’t been given the keys. He came to a team that’s been successful and didn’t need a superstar right away...he came into a different situation. But skillswise, talent wise, damn right. Them other boys ain’t been to the Finals yet, and that’s not to knock them, but you see what [Herro] did. Boy got game. Straight up and down. And if he was on a team, probably not a good team, and he got to go out there and do his thing? Damn right he’d be in those conversations.

Though he is clearly talented, there are still some people who clearly aren't sold on Tyler Herro and what he can give the Miami Heat. It seems as though one of those people thinks that trading him could benefit the team.

David Thorpe Thinks The Heat And Suns Should Exchange Tyler Herro And Cameron Johnson

Sometimes, there are trades that end up being a win-win move for all franchises involved. According to former coach David Thorpe, a win-win move including Tyler Herro could involve moving him to the Phoenix Suns for 3 and D wing Cameron Johnson.

Speaking on TrueHoop, Thorpe suggested that Cameron Johnson could a similar role to the one P. J. Tucker did last season for the Miami Heat. He is clearly a coach that values defense, based on his analysis.

“Though four years older than Herro, Johnson went two picks ahead of him in 2019,” he wrote. “An excellent defender who is improving, Johnson also hit 39 percent of his 3s in his first three seasons and 41 percent in the past two postseasons. Like Herro, he has been a solid role player on one of the league’s elite teams. He is not the scorer or shot creator Herro is, and that matters to Miami; yet Johnson did score 12 points a game on the second unit of a very balanced offense. He should get more 3-point looks in Miami, meaning he’d fill some of the 3-and-D void from [P.J.] Tucker’s departure.” (h/t Heat Nation)

While this trade could have some benefits, it makes way more sense for the Miami Heat to develop Tyler Herro as a shot creator. Their offense struggled with consistency during the 2022 playoffs, and moving Tyler Herro would make that issue even worse.

Hopefully, we see the Miami Heat manage to find a way to continue being a contender next season. Gabe Vincent has already stated that the team has a "championship or bust" mentality, and we'll see if they can reach the promised land next year after falling short this past season.