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NBA Insider Reveals The Miami Heat Are 'Open' To Trade Anyone Not Named Jimmy Butler And Bam Adebayo

NBA Insider Reveals The Miami Heat Are 'Open' To Trade Anyone Not Named Jimmy Butler And Bam Adebayo

The Miami Heat didn't have a half-bad 2021-22 NBA season considering the competition in the Eastern Conference. Among the likes of the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Boston Celtics, the Heat finished the season as the first seed in the East.

Heading into the playoffs, most believed that it was a fluke that the Heat were the first seed in the loaded East. But they proved their doubters wrong by advancing to the 2022 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

Even in the ECF, they were playing well, but the Celtics turned out to be too much for them. The series ended 4-3 in favor of the Celtics, with the last game being decided by a margin of just four points.

All things considered, there were many positives to take from this season for the Heat, but at the same time, they also need to figure out what went wrong for them. NBA veteran Kyle Lowry has been burdened with most of the blame for not showing up for the franchise throughout the playoffs.

In fact, apart from Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, every player on the team can aim to have a good offseason and improve their game. This applies only if they are with the Heat when the new season begins. Because NBA insider Adam Borai has suggested no one is safe from getting traded apart from Butler and Adebayo.

"While this shouldn't be considered a surprise or news to anyone, the Miami Heat seem to be "open" to moving on from any players outside of Jimmy Butler & Bam Adebayo if it were to drastically improve the team. Players like Bradley Beal, & Donovan Mitchell come to mind."

As Borai mentioned in his tweet, it is not a surprise that the Heat is exploring options to improve their roster.

They certainly need to improve in some areas before the new season gets underway. In order to do so, they need to clear some room on the team and will most likely trade a few pieces to onboard new stars to the team.

But will they succeed in pairing up Butler and Adebayo with another star? We have no way to confirm this as of now.