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NBA Insider Says Nets Could Trade Kyrie Irving To Heat For Kyle Lowry

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Kyrie Irving is an extremely talented player, and many people view him as the most skilled point guard in the game today. However, despite his ability, he has frequently been linked with an exit from the Brooklyn Nets in recent memory.

One of the teams that have been connected with Kyrie Irving in the past is the Miami Heat. It was previously reported that they were on a list of teams he'd like to join in a sign and trade. However, a sign-and-trade is notably no longer possible due to him opting into his player option.

It seems as though there is still a pathway for the Miami Heat to get Kyrie Irving. NBA insider Frank Isola has recently claimed that a Kyle Lowry - Kyrie Irving trade is not out of the question currently.

Kyle Lowry is a solid point guard, and he was notably part of the Toronto Raptors' 2019 championship-winning team. He would theoretically give the Brooklyn Nets a pass-first presence at the point guard position rather than being a score-first player like Kyrie Irving. Lowry is a player that can fit next to most superstars due to his low-usage playstyle, and that would make him a valuable acquisition if the Nets were able to convince Kevin Durant to stay.

From the Miami Heat's perspective, moving for Kyrie Irving makes sense. Their offense struggled at times during the playoffs, as Jimmy Butler was the only player that could consistently get his own shot. The Miami Heat were linked with a Kevin Durant trade, but there has been no progress on that front for them. Getting Kyrie Irving would be a fantastic move if the Heat are unable to get Kevin Durant.

It remains to be seen if a deal with this framework does end up happening. Kyrie Irving is also reportedly commanding interest from the Los Angeles Lakers, so we'll have to wait to see where he ends up in the future.