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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Could 'Revisit' A Kyrie Irving For Russell Westbrook Trade

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Both Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook's situations have been put to rest for now after the two point guards opted-in their player options and will continue with the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively. However, this might not be the end of these stories.

Kyrie appeared to be out of the Nets last week, but the veteran deceived everybody and decided to stay in Brooklyn at least one more year, trying to see how this season goes for him and his team and what they can do together in the future. Meanwhile, trading Irving remains a possibility for the Nets, who are willing to part ways with Irving if things don't go right. 

During a recent edition of ESPN's Get Up, Brian Windhorst explained that the Nets haven't ruled out moving Kyrie if he doesn't take things as seriously as the team expects. That's when Russell Westbrook appears as a possible target for the Brooklynites. 

"I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that I think that this is gonna happen in the next two days, but if the Nets don't get to a place with Kyrie Irving where they think that things will improve, I think they'll revisit this... I don't think it's impossible that they revisit this down the line."

Windhorst explained that the deal would be Russell Westbrook and draft picks for Kyrie, but he also mentioned that the teams would need to negotiate what type of selections they would exchange to make this move happen.

After both Kyrie and Westbrook decided to stay put in their current teams, many believe this was the end of these conversations, but it seems like things are just heating up for these stars. The upcoming 2022/23 NBA season can be crucial for these players, who will try to prove doubters wrong and find success with their squads.