NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Want To Trade Kevin Love And Collin Sexton

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that seems to be going through a rebuild. The team has a nice young core of young players, which includes Darius Garland, Isaac Okoro, and Jarrett Allen. As part of their rebuild, the team bought out Andre Drummond at the trade deadline this season, and it looks like this offseason, the team may make more roster moves.

While Collin Sexton fits the timeline of the Cleveland Cavaliers, multiple reports have suggested that the Cavaliers have been talking to other teams about a trade featuring their leading scorer. A recent article by Kelly Iko corroborated those reports, and also stated that Kevin Love and his contract could be moved as well.

 The Cavs are also engaging teams in trade discussions surrounding guard Collin Sexton and hope to move Kevin Love and his remaining $60 million elsewhere, per sources.

A prior report suggested that the Cleveland Cavaliers prefer to move on from Sexton rather than sign him to a large deal that may limit them going forwards. It seems as though the Kevin Love move is of the same nature, as his large contract is taking up a large amount of the team's cap space. If the Cleveland Cavaliers are rebuilding, then they want a clean cap sheet to build the roster to their liking.

Collin Sexton is a great scorer who averaged 24.3 PPG this season. He would certainly help any team that needs a starting guard, or he could potentially become an elite sixth man coming off the bench for a contender. While Kevin Love didn't have the best season this year, his shooting and championship experience could benefit a team that needs an extra veteran for a championship run. There is no question that there are a lot of options for both players, and it remains to be seen what the Cleveland Cavaliers will do in regards to both of them.