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NBA Rumors: Sixers, Kings Have Explored A Ben Simmons For De'Aaron Fox Trade

NBA Rumors: Sixers, Kings Have Explored A Ben Simmons For De'Aaron Fox Trade

Rumors surrounding Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers haven't stopped and even though they're not willing to trade the Australian point guard for less than an All-Star, reports keep coming linking the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference with several players around the league. 

In recent days, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that players like John Collins, Harrison Barnes, or Domantas Sabonis won't do the job for the Sixers, as they aspire to bring a bigger return for Simmons. 

The Sacramento Kings were once considered a big candidate to land Simmons, and that apparently changed when the season started. Now, things could be different, as the Sixers have reportedly explored the possibility of a De'Aaron Fox-Ben Simmons exchange. 

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Fox is drawing a lot of attention around the league and the two franchises have discussed a potential trade, but nothing is 100% certain at this moment. 

Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox’s name is circulating throughout the league as a big-time player who can potentially be moved by the Feb. 10 NBA trade deadline.

The Philadelphia 76ers canvassed the prospect of a Fox, Ben Simmons trade package as recently as a few days ago, but dialogue remains exploratory due diligence, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Fox has spoken on this matter recently, admitting that the Kings are underperforming, which isn't anything good for a team with high expectations like them. This situation could open the door for a blockbuster trade that would leave the Sixers in a comfortable position and would allow Simmons to exit the bad situation he's living in the City of Brotherly Love. 

It remains to be seen if the initial conversations get some traction or if the Sixers shut down this move and decide to keep looking for options in the trade market.