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NBA Rumors: Spurs Could Trade Dejounte Murray And Derrick White This Offseason


After missing the playoffs in the past two seasons, the San Antonio Spurs might be looking to make some upgrades on the roster this summer. The Texan team isn't as they were with their Big 3, and it's time to build another squad that can compete in a stacked Western Conference. 

That said, they could be moving some pieces to land one player to lead them to the promised land. They have an interesting backcourt with Dejounte Murray and Derrick White. Still, recent reports suggest these two could be living his last days in San Antonio. 

“While it seems unlikely the Spurs would move their pick, keep an eye on them being active with the trade machine around the draft,” wrote Zach Harper of The Athletic. “The Spurs have to figure out where they want to be as a franchise and what their plan is moving forward. They’re kind of stuck in the middle right now. [Dejounte] Murray and Derrick White could both be gettable, according to league sources.”

After being one of the best franchises in the league, the Spurs are now a mid-card team trying to find their way back to the postseason. Murray and White were expected to be the future of the team, but things haven't played in their favor so far, 

With DeMar DeRozan leaving the team this summer, it's time to look for another star, and their young guards could be the key to bring that player.