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NBA Rumors: The Only Way The Boston Celtics Can Land Damian Lillard

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The Boston Celtics have a rising young superstar in Jayson Tatum, who looks like he could lead a team to the championship. However, the Boston Celtics were eliminated in the first round by the Brooklyn Nets, so Tatum winning a championship will have to wait at least a season. The Celtics have a solid roster, but it could always be better.

One of the ways the Boston Celtics could potentially get better is via trade. The Portland Trail Blazers have a superstar in Damian Lillard, who is currently surrounded by an aging core. That core hasn't gone further than the Western Conference Finals and was eliminated in the first round this season. Perhaps he could compete for a championship elsewhere, such as the Boston Celtics. Here is the only way the Celtics can land Damian Lillard.

Boston Celtics Receive: Damian Lillard

Portland Trail Blazers Receive: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, 2021 first-round pick, 2023 first-round pick

Boston Celtics Pair Jayson Tatum With Another Offensive Superstar

Going for Damian Lillard would be a big win-now move for the Boston Celtics. While they'd be getting rid of some younger players for an older superstar, perhaps the move is worth the risk is given the caliber of player Damian Lillard is. Damian Lillard averaged 28.8 PPG, 4.2 RPG, and 7.5 APG over the course of the regular season, and pairing his scoring with Jayson Tatum's own offense would allow both to have a smaller offensive load, and score more effectively.

Having two players who rise in late-game situations is bound to help the Boston Celtics in the playoffs. We've seen Damian Lillard's heroics for the Portland Trail Blazers throughout the years. Adding him to the roster makes the Boston Celtics a contender. Damian Lillard can run the offense well while also providing an elite scoring threat, elevating the rest of the team. Lillard's ability to play make frees up Jayson Tatum from doing that and allows him to do what he's best at, and that's scoring.

Portland Trail Blazers Start A Rebuild

We all know Jaylen Brown is a good basketball player. He averaged 24.7 PPG with 6.0 RPG this season and had his first All-Star appearance in a Boston Celtics uniform. However, most people would agree that Damian Lillard is a better basketball player currently. Any trade for Damian Lillard would likely involve Jaylen Brown, as he is the only player on the roster bar Tatum that could interest the Trail Blazers as the centerpiece for the rebuild.

Marcus Smart would likely be included in the deal as well. Smart has a case to be the best perimeter defender among guards, and his playmaking is fairly solid as well. He would likely slot into the point guard position after Lillard's departure. While Smart isn't as good as Lillard, he would be a solid starting point guard. The two Celtics draft picks are extra draft compensation for the Trail Blazers rebuild and could become a trade asset later. Overall, this is a solid package for a superstar, one that is headlined by a great defensive guard and a first-time All-Star.