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20 Supertalented High School Prospects Who Could Become NBA Stars

20 Supertalented High School Prospects Who Could Become NBA Stars

We have seen a solid group of NBA stars who flourished in the NBA despite being drafted straight out of high school. While this is often very difficult to do thanks to the physicality and skills of grown men playing professional basketball, some stars were able to have their game translate perfectly. Skipping college was not an issue for a couple of NBA superstars including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, and Amar’e Stoudemire. Of course, these are rare talents that had supreme skill and athleticism to be able to accomplish so much while skipping college basketball. Most times, however, the best players had to go to college first. Of course, since 2005, coming into the NBA straight out of high school is no longer possible.

But who are the most talented young players currently in high school that can become top NBA stars? While it might be a bit early to consider high-schoolers as future stars of the NBA, it is only natural to imagine what they can become because they are showing signs of being tremendously impactful players on a basketball court. We have compiled 20 super talented youngsters who could be top recruits in both colleges and in the NBA, as the future of the NBA could be in very good hands. Here are the top 20 high-schoolers in the country who have the best chances of achieving stardom in the National Basketball Association.

20. Scotty Middleton - Sunrise Christian Academy (Miami, FL)

Scotty Middleton seems to have a natural motor, one that is actually quite impressive to see from such a young player. The 6’6” forward has impressed scouts with his tenacity on the floor, because he seems to be able to play long stretches of minutes without suffering lapses in energy. Thanks to his motor and his natural length, Middleton has a chance to be an impact player on defense.

Not to mention, Scotty has the aggression to make a difference in playing passing lanes and coming up with steals. He seems to be more of a defensive wing with the ability to crash the boards because his offensive game is still very raw. Anytime a player has length and the desire to improve, scoring the ball should not be much of an issue. What is positive about Middleton right now is that he seems to enjoy competing and that means he could be a hustle player for any team looking to take a shot at the swingman.

19. Kanaan Carlyle - Milton High School (Milton, GA)

Carlyle is a lightning-quick and explosive point guard with a ton of potential. He possesses excellent first-step and blow-by abilities, as well as overall top-tier athleticism. He'll have to keep working on his strength, but he's on his way to having an NBA body. Standing 6’2” and weighing 175 lbs, Carlyle can get the job done as a point guard for his team. Not to mention, Carlyle enjoys driving the tempo and attacking the rim, as well as setting up teammates in the open court.

When his teammates are not open, he has a strong pull-up game and can score one-on-one by driving to the rim or using his mid-range game abilities. Of course, he is still very raw, and his three-point shooting needs a ton of work before he can become a consistent knockdown shooter in the league. Carlyle surely gets after it on defense, putting pressure on the ball and disrupting passing lanes with his outstanding agility. If he can keep getting stronger, he can be an excellent defender in the point guard position.

18. Kylan Boswell - Compass Prep (Chandler, AZ)

Boswell is a competitive point guard with a strong and durable body who sets the defensive tone for his team. It is widely expected that the 6’2” guard will be an impactful defender in the league, and might be one of the best on-ball defenders in his class. He has shown the knack, albeit at a young age, to attack opposing ball handlers and defend with some ferocity. He possesses the length to make life difficult for players in transition as well, and he wins the majority of one-on-one battles and 50-50 balls.

His offensive game is still developing, however. The point guard is a fast-paced player who is fundamentally sound off the dribble and can make a pass or nail the outside shot when in rhythm. However, seeing as the NBA is all about shooting these days, Boswell will need to refine his form to make sure his shots go in consistently. Overall, Kylan has shown that he wants to win basketball games and that will help his draft stock in the future.

17. Mikey Williams - San Ysidro (San Diego, CA)

Williams is definitely one of the most exciting prospects in the class of 2023, mainly due to his supreme explosiveness. A 6’2” combo guard who hails from San Diego, and is exceptionally quick and agile. Of course, he continues to excite fans with high-flying dunks and difficult shots around the rim. Naturally, he is also a confident young man who isn’t afraid of getting shots up.

There is a lot for Mikey to improve on including shooting percentage, playmaking, and defense, but his natural athleticism and confidence could go a long way in the young guard reaching his potential. To be a solid guard in the modern NBA, the defense has to be a calling card and Mikey will continue to improve on that area of the floor as the years go by.

16. Baye Fall - Denver Prep Academy (Denver, CO)

As a 6’11” center, Baye Fall has shown glimpses of being a solid shot-blocking center who can also score around the rim. Originally from Senegal, Baye has dedicated his time and efforts to pursuing basketball full-time and has quickly moved up the ranks due to his size and all-around impact. He has yet to draw comparisons to current or former NBA players, but he looks like he could fit in the league very well.

Of course, Fall is very raw and has a ton of work to do to reach his potential as a two-way center. But his natural size will be a great asset for any team, especially as he continues to add weight to his frame. A naturally thin player, Baye has room to bulk up and be a force in the paint as he continued to grow his game. He has received offers from Georgia, Georgetown, and Minnesota among other colleges, so time will tell where his road to becoming an NBA player will take him.

15. Xavier Booker - Cathedral High School (Indianapolis, IN)

A 6’11” power forward, Xavier Booker is certainly blessed with outstanding physical tools and a lot of potential when considering what he can do on the floor at such a young age. He has yet to even scratch the surface of his potential because he is demonstrating things on the floor that are already impressive. A left-handed player, Booker is capable of scoring in face-up positions and has showcased the makings of a very consistent jump shot. When required, Booker has shown the skill in attacking off the dribble as well.

Even with the skill he has shown, Booker has a ton of athleticism and explosiveness in his large body, which gives him the ability to play above the rim. He is quick on the break and can make it across the court to receive lobs and even put defenders on posters. He is still not there in terms of body mass and strength, but he has the frame to continue putting on muscle without sacrificing too much of his offensive ability. It remains to be seen if Xavier can also demonstrate impactful defensive skills.

If things go right for him, Omaha Biliew has a chance to easily be a first-round pick in the NBA Draft. The 6’7” forward has a 7’0” wingspan, making him an impressive option on the break when he has the ball in his hands. A great transition player already, Omaha can attack the rim when he is ahead of steam and can usually create scoring opportunities for himself or his teammates thanks to his great ball-handling.

Luckily, Biliew is showing signs of being a modern stretch-four because he can make outside shots rather consistently. That is a major plus for an athlete who likes to run and shoot because NBA teams want to employ versatile forwards that do not have a limited ability to space the floor. Teams won’t have to worry about Omaha in that sense, and there is also a ton of upside for the young man, essentially guaranteeing him the first-round slot as things stand.

13. Simeon Wilcher - Roselle Catholic High School (Roselle, NJ)

Definitely one of the top-15 talents in the class of 2023, Simeon Wilcher is a talented combo guard who has excellent offensive skills already. The 5-star prospect is ranked third among combo guards and third in New Jersey, the city he currently competes in, and reportedly had 14 offers from schools including Ohio State, Kansas, and the University of North Carolina. UNC has won, in the end, and they have a chance to do big things with the 6’4” guard.

Wilcher has plenty of room to grow as a scorer because he is quick and tenacious with a solid jumper. As he continues to add size and strength, his ability to take his time on offense and create opportunities for himself and others will only improve. So far, scouts are liking what they see from Wilcher as he continues developing his offensive game.

12. Javonte Taylor - Donda Academy (Chicago, IL)

Javonte "JJ" Taylor is yet another 5-star prospect who appears to be on his way to a top major university and an almost guaranteed spot in the NBA. The 6’8” forward is very dynamic because of his all-around ability on offense. He has great size and great handles, making him an option on the break and an offensive threat thanks to his outside shooting ability as well. So far, Taylor is impressing scouts as he continues to build his name and his game by the year. But his skills do not stop at handles and shooting.

Javonte has an excellent first step, making him exceptional at attacking and finishing at the rim, quite possibly his greatest attribute in this moment of time. On offense, Taylor is showing great things and he has the length to actually be an impact player if he continues to round his arsenal. It is still too early to make comparisons between him and other NBA players, but he is on the right track to making a solid career in the National Basketball Association.

11. Matas Buzelis - Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH)

Matas Buzelis is certainly an interesting prospect when looking at his size, length, and offensive ability. Standing 6’10”, Matas Buzelis has a well-developed skill set which includes the ability to score around defenders despite his wiry-thin frame. Somehow, he is showing the knack for taking contact and still being able to finish his plays. From the outside, he shoots the ball decently, but his release is a tad slow at this moment in time. Obviously, Matas Buzelis will need to quicken his release if he wants to get off jumpers in the fast-paced NBA.

Buzelis has yet to showcase consistent mid-range scoring although that is something that can be easily developed. He has excellent handles, hardly loses the ball, and knows what to do with it when he is forced to make a decision. As a passer, he is solid and has more room to grow. He is not the fastest player in the class of 2023, but his length gives him the opportunity to be a solid defensive rebounder while his hands help with catching and scoring down low. Overall, Matas Buzelis is a name to look out for when the NBA draft comes around.

10. Isaiah Collier - Wheeler High School (Marietta, GA)

Isaiah is a talented point guard, and despite the recent influx of attention he has received, he has gone largely unnoticed when compared to other players in the class of 2023. Collier is a true point guard who’s able to read defenses naturally and play unselfishly when handling the ball. A team player, Collier has shown the ability to make his teammates better on the court at an early stage.

Wheeler High School is known for creating NBA prospects, with examples being J.J. Hickson (formerly of the Cleveland Cavaliers) and Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics. Collier will continue to attract attention from schools across the country because he has plenty of time to develop his game and body. If things go as planned, Isaiah could be a starting-caliber point guard in the NBA.

9. Justin Edwards - Imhotep Institute Charter High School (Philadelphia, PA)

Justin Edwards was not a name that was coming out of people’s mouths consistently, but he is starting to make a name for himself thanks to his improvements as a basketball player. The 6’7” forward is very lanky and has a ton of upside, especially on defense. Edwards has shown the ability to utilize his length to bother ball-handlers, and with his above-the-rim capabilities, he should continue becoming a very solid defensive wing. Obviously, modern NBA teams want a defensive wing who can space the floor as well.

Luckily, Edwards can shoot the ball well so far. He always had the capability to score inside and outside, normally focusing on one area when he has a size advantage over the other. But he is starting to show the ability to drive the ball on the floor and attack the rim, skills that he will desperately need to improve if he wishes to take that next big step as a basketball star. So far, Justin has the right tools to be a very successful wing in the NBA.

8. Sean Stewart - Windermere Prep (Windermere, FL)

A 6’7” forward playing out of Windermere Prep, Sean Stewart has started to impress scouts a lot more recently. The 6-foot-7, 210 lb prospect out of Windermere, Florida is a versatile and athletic forward who plays with a high motor every possession. Thanks to his athleticism and size, he can defend multiple positions while also doing so without giving up anything on the boards. A very solid rebounder, Stewart seems to enjoy hustling for balls coming off the rim.

Not to mention, the forward has a natural shot-blocking ability. Stewart has a knack for staying with offensive players and getting up to block their shots, something impressive from a versatile forward who can do many other things. On offense, there is plenty of room to grow, although his face-up game seems very solid. If he continues his upwards trajectory, Stewart can be a shot-blocking rebounder who has the ability to push the pace and make pull-up jumpers for any NBA team.

7. Mookie Cook - AZ Compass Prep (Chandler, AZ)

Easily a top-10 talent in the class of 2023, Mookie Cook seems to be an easy choice for NBA teams during the first round of the draft. The talented 6’6” wing does a lot of things well on the floor and prides himself on being a two-way player. Specifically, he competes on both ends for the sake of his teammates, hardly looking out of character and striving to improve his game. So far, he looks to be made out of the right stuff.

Cook can hit the three-point shot, a necessity in the modern NBA, and can also defend multiple positions due to his size and length. He is a bit thin right now, but that can easily be corrected as soon as he hits the weight room more consistently. When Cook has the ball, he has shown the ability to make passes without turning it over too much and seems to enjoy competing on both ends of the floor. The future is certainly bright for the young man playing for AZ Compass Prep.

6. Ron Holland - Duncanville High School (Duncanville, TX)

Ron Holland is a terrific athlete on the wing because he is an above-the-rim player who has a powerful build and explosiveness. Standing 6’8” and with a chance to possibly grow to 6’9” or 6’10”, Holland can be an impact player on the perimeter although he has shown the capabilities to compete in the paint and grab rebounds. That certainly makes him a perfect forward in the NBA, because a perimeter and paint presence is what teams are looking for.

What’s next for Holland is improved outside shooting, because his energy and motivation levels seem to be there. He has an advantage over his peers because of his defensive ability and versatility, and switching on different players won’t be an issue for him going forward. There is no doubt that there is room for improvement in terms of shooting, and once he gets a consistent outside jumper, he should be a lock for the NBA Draft.

5. Kwame Evans - Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL)

Let’s get this out of the way: Kwame Evans needs to add a lot of muscle to his frame. He will likely do that over the next few years of his basketball career because he is ultra-talented as a forward who can do a lot of things well on a basketball court. At around 6’8” with a long wingspan, Evans can be an effective swingman in the NBA once he grows a bit more and gets stronger.

His strengths include handling the ball in the open court and also pushing the pace on the fast break. Evans has improved in multiple areas of his game rather quickly because his ball-handling allows him to pull up for jump shots and also get to the rim with only a few steps. Defensively, Evans can be a solid rim protector as well but his success in the NBA will largely depend on if he can add a lot more muscle to his frame.

4. Mackenzie Mgbako - Gill St. Bernard's School (Gladstone, NJ)

Mgbako is one intriguing athlete who has a ton of upside as a big man on both ends of the floor. He can play on the perimeter or bang in the paint and he looks to be one of the top NBA prospects in short order. Standing 6’8” with a chiseled frame, Mgbako has natural athleticism in terms of quick reflexes and quick shooting. So far, Mackenzie can nail the three-point shots rather consistently.

While it is far too soon to make comparisons and this is not a fixed analysis, Mgbako has the ability to glide around the perimeter and create his own shots from the perimeter similar to a Jayson Tatum. Mgbako can certainly stroke the ball and has the versatility to be a solid scorer. Of course, Mgbako will continue to grow into his adult body which could be scary if he improves his skillset accordingly.

3. Robert Dillingham - Donda Academy (Simi Valley, CA)

Robert Dillingham has a thin build but has very long arms as a 6’2” point guard. The youngster has a feel for controlling horizontal spaces and seems to glide on the court when he has the ball in his hands. He also possesses speed and acceleration, with the ability to stroke the ball from deep or at the rim with relative ease against other high-schoolers. Even when the defense cuts him off when he attacks the rim, the floater is always there for Dillingham.

A slick ball-handler and crafty finisher, Dillingham can also be a solid playmaker because he seems to understand the offensive end of the game rather naturally. Of course, as in the case with most high-schoolers, gaining strength and muscle mass will be key because he needs to improve finishing through the contact rather than relying on pure skill.

2. G.G. Jackson - Ridge View High School (Columbia, SC)

At almost 6-foot-9, Jackson has an NBA-ready frame. He's got long arms and exceptional athleticism and will fly around the court thanks to his ability to bounce through tight spaces and get to anywhere he wants on the floor. Jackson has a ways to go in terms of strength training, but he is not a pushover on a physical level by any means. Luckily for Jackson and the team that ends up drafting him, athleticism isn’t the only major part of his game.

Jackson has made significant improvements when it comes to his skill level. He makes jumpers consistently and has shown some ability to create his own shots or find his teammates when the defense is trying to stop him. Thanks to the forward’s speed, he has the ability to hang with other bigs in the paint although he will need to add some more strength to really get to the next level. But G.G. is a talented young player, and he has a chance to become a star in the NBA.

1. D.J. Wagner - Camden High School (Camden, NJ)

A 6’2” point guard, D.J. Wagner has to be the most exciting player in high school right now. The youngster has yet to declare where he will be playing, but he is the player most likely to reach stardom in the NBA. Wagner gave up football to pursue basketball in high school and has done very well in high school as a right-handed guard.

Wagner has shown the ability to be ambidextrous as well and has a quick release when taking shots from the perimeter. Luckily, D.J.’s father was in the NBA (Dajuan Wagner) and was a first-round pick in 2002. Selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wagner’s genetics have hopefully passed onto his son who looks to be a much better talent. A couple of colleges have their eye on D.J., with Kentucky and Louisville the likeliest destinations for the talented guard. 


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