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6 Players That Need To Win Now Or Request A Trade

5 Strong Reasons Why New Orleans Should Trade Anthony Davis

Regardless of what they may or may not say, winning means everything in this league, and in order to keep your legacy burning and alive forever, you need to become an NBA Champion before retiring.

Constantly falling short of the goal may be extremely frustrating for stars players and even though they may want to stay loyal with their teams after establishing themselves in a community as local heroes, patience may run out at some point.

Nobody wants to keep on losing and waste the best years of their careers, so today, we’re going to let you know about the 6 stars that may want to be traded if they don’t at least make it to the Finals this season.

6. Kemba Walker


The Charlotte Hornets aren’t going anywhere near the playoffs and the team’s ownership knows it, and they’re already quietly trying to move their All-Star point guard ever since the prior campaign.

Walker is an underrated player that has thrived in the league despite never having a true support cast, and even though he’s never stated that he wants out, missing the playoffs once again may force him to ask for a trade.

5. Andre Drummond


Andre Drummond has been putting a lot of work in the gym lately, even training under Kevin Garnett’s guidance in order to improve in both ends of the hardwood and become one of the league’s best centers.

But, even upon Blake Griffin’s arrival, the Pistons weren’t able to make the playoffs, and if they don’t find any consistency this season, he may want to stop wasting his talents on such a mediocre squad and try to get out.

4. Marc Gasol

marc gasol nba memphis

Marc Gasol has recently stated that he’s torn between the desire to win and his loyalty to Memphis, as he knows he simply doesn’t stand a chance in the wild Western Conference, even if Mike Conley’s healthy.

Even at his age, Gasol is one of the most productive players in both ends of the hardwood, a former Defensive Player of the Year and a player that seems tailor-made for modern basketball and all contenders would cherish.

3. Damian Lillard


Damian Lillard has been closely tied with a move out of the Portland Trail Blazers ever since the start of free agency, as the team would like to make the most out of his value and handle the primary ball-handling duties to CJ McCollum.

Still, Lillard has said over and over that he wants to finish his career as a member of the Trail Blazers, but if they’re swept again in the postseason, he may want to rethink that statement for sure.

2. John Wall


John Wall is one of the best point guards in the world but it seems like he’s never gotten along with any of his Washington Wizards teammates, and the team actually fared pretty good when he was forced to sit with an injury.

Wall still has 4 years with the Wizards, but his competitive nature makes him want to win over anything, and if they can’t put together a decent playoff run this season, he may want to blow things up and get the hell out of the capital.

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1. Anthony Davis


Anthony Davis has always been a primary target for the Bulls, Celtics and Warriors, and pretty much every coach in the world would kill to have the opportunity to coach the best two-way big man in the world.

Even though Alvin Gentry has done quite a solid job for the Pelicans, Davis has already outgrown the team and the town, and he’s never going to compete for a Championship unless he forces a move out of the Pelicans.