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All-Time Black Superteam vs. All-Time Red Superteam: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

All-Time Black Superteam vs. All-Time Red Superteam: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

Which team would win a best-of-7 series between the All-Time Black and All-Time Red superteams? Team Black has some elite superstar players that competed for “black” franchises including the Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, and San Antonio Spurs. With black color on their jerseys, the superstars lining up for the roster are Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, and David Robinson. Obviously, these are all elite superstars with exceptional ability on both ends of the floor. Each player listed is a current or future Hall of Famer as well.

For Team Red, we will focus on the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets. Both franchises have yielded some of the all-time greats in Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Hakeem Olajuwon. Those five names have a combined 19 NBA titles to their names, although 17 of them were won when the players played for the Bulls or Rockets.

Both superstars on Team Black and Team Red have all experienced championship success over their careers and will form dynamic five-man rotations to battle in an iconic series. Who wins a best-of-7 series? A game of this magnitude will come down to the finest margins, and it is time to find out which all-time great superteam has the edge.

Allen Iverson vs. Michael Jordan

Allen Iverson vs. Michael Jordan

Allen Iverson has his hands full on defense because he won’t be able to stop Michael Jordan by himself and will need help from his other star teammates. But on offense, Iverson will do his best to use his deadly crossover moves to stifle the shooting guard and keep him busy on the other end. This is an exciting matchup, to say the least.

Michael Jordan is not a point guard and he won’t be the one to bring the ball up every time down the floor. Instead, that honor will belong to a trio of Jordan, McGrady, and Scottie Pippen. Jordan is very capable of playing point guard where required, but his main priority will be to put pressure on Team Black with his scoring.

Dwyane Wade vs. Tracy McGrady

Dwyane Wade vs. Tracy McGrady

Dwyane Wade is one of the best two-way players of all time and will do his best to contain McGrady as much as possible. The slasher has a tendency to attack the basket with speed and force, and can also run the floor on the fast break. Wade won’t have to do much to get his rhythm going, although a lot of his effort will be guided towards stopping McGrady on the court.

Tracy McGrady is one of the best scorers of all time when looking at his ability to create his own shots and also ride and shoot over opponents. T-Mac is also an elite facilitator for his teammates and that was arguably the most underrated aspect of his game. One of the most athletic guards in his prime as well, McGrady will be an impactful force.

Kevin Durant vs. Scottie Pippen

Kevin Durant vs. Scottie Pippen

Kevin Durant is a 4-time scoring champion for a reason because his height and elite skill as a ball-handler and shooter abilities are arguably second to none at his position. Durant will have no issues shooting over Scottie in some possessions and will also make outside shots when he is open thanks to the elite presence of his superstar teammates.

Scottie Pippen is underrated in multiple regards because he is without a doubt an elite defensive player and playmaker. Pippen is a triple-double threat in the sense of doing multiple things on the court well, although his main priority will be handling Kevin Durant. Pippen will also act as the team’s primary facilitator, leading his team in APG throughout the series.

Tim Duncan vs. Dennis Rodman

Tim Duncan vs. Dennis Rodman

Duncan is regarded as the greatest power forward ever because his fundamentals were simply off the chart. The power forward not only has a tendency to make shots in the paint but also bank in jumpers when he has space. Defensively, Duncan can also get the job done by protecting the rim although his goal is to attack Rodman and make him work on defense.

Dennis Rodman is an irritant on the basketball court and that will be his primary responsibility when it comes to defending Tim Duncan in the paint. The Worm is known to be one of the best paint protectors ever, and also an elite rebounder who will hustle for loose balls and rebounds on either end of the court. Of course, his main aim will be to stifle Tim Duncan as much as possible.

David Robinson vs. Hakeem Olajuwon

David Robinson vs. Hakeem Olajuwon

David Robinson was not quite as good as Hakeem, but he was still a legendary center with incredible intangibles. The Admiral is an elite post scorer who can also nail the mid-range jumper when open, so he will be a go-to scorer for his wife. Defensively, Robinson will need to challenge The Dream in the paint and try to block shots as much as possible. Robinson’s defense often acted as a catalyst for his team’s runs, and that will be important in this series as well.

Hakeem Olajuwon has the best post moves ever and will use his up-and-under moves to shake defenders and lose them with skill. It won’t be easy to do that to David Robinson, but he will still manage to make highlight plays at his opponent’s expense. The Dream will also act as a leader for his side, feeding off Michael Jordan and coming up with big plays when needed.

Team Black Advantages

Team Black has incredible intangibles and offensive ability because every one of their players is capable of going off for 30 points in any single game. Team Black also has 3 elite shot-creators and 2 big men who can run an offense from inside the paint.

More so than Team Red, Team Black can get any shot they want from any of their players. Allen Iverson has the best handles in the business, Wade is an incredible slasher, Durant can shoot over anybody, and the bigs have elite post moves. Overall, offense won’t be an issue for Team Black.

Team Red Advantages

Team Red has the best player in the game and that will automatically be an advantage. Michael Jordan tends to perform best when on the court alongside other stars, so he will have a big series. Not to mention, Jordan is surrounded by elite defenders including Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman which will allow him to focus on offense even more.

Also, Hakeem Olajuwon is arguably the second or third-best player in the series which also gives Team Red a massive advantage. Having Olajuwon second-choice behind Michael Jordan will be huge because the big man will dominate the paint whenever Jordan needs to throw the ball inside a little bit more.

Who Wins A Best-Of-7 Series?

Game 1 goes to Team Red, and that comes courtesy of a Michael Jordan game-winning shot with 0.5 seconds in the game. The half ends 60-60 with both sides getting big performances from their best players, and the third quarter is more of the same as it ends 87-87. In a tightly contested game, it comes down to Jordan with the score tied 110-110. Jordan takes Wade one on one, attacking, pump-faking, and nailing a jumper to win the game.

Game 2 is similar, although Team Red takes a big lead at the end of the third quarter. Tracy McGrady ends the third quarter with 3 straight 3-pointers, giving his side a 9-point lead in a matter of 2 minutes. Those prove to be big buckets because Jordan and Hakeem pile on in the fourth to ensure a victory. The game ends 105-96, with only Allen Iverson coming up big with 32 points on 12-24 shooting.

Finally, Team Black responds and wins a game in the series. They employ a very balanced attack, with Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant carrying the first half. They combine for 35 points in the half, going 3-7 from three and 10-20 overall from the floor. The second half is more of the same, although Allen Iverson and Tim Duncan control the third and fourth quarters. The dynamic duo combine for 30 of their own, ending the game in a 109-90 blowout.

Game 4 goes down to the wire, but Kevin Durant and Allen Iverson nail huge shots at the end of the game to tie the series. Michael Jordan has himself a big night with 40 points, but no one else contributes besides a 22-point performance from T-Mac. With the score tied 100-100 with a minute left, Kevin Durant pulls up from three over a helpless McGrady. After a Scottie Pippen missed jumper thanks to a forced double team on Jordan, Iverson slices and steps back to nail a jumper with an And-1 to ice the game.

Game 5 is an incredible game, and as expected, it goes to the wire. As great as everyone is in this game, Hakeem Olajuwon proves to be the deciding favorite with a 32-point, 17-rebound performance. The Dream blocks 3 shots in the first half, saving his side 9 points and also going 7-7 from the floor. In the second half, Olajuwon controls the boards with 10 rebounds and goes 3-3 in the fourth. All his buckets came with 3 minutes left, and Team Red scrapes by with a 4-point victory.

Down 3-2, Team Black needs the best player to show up in the series and he does. Tim Duncan puts on a virtuoso performance, scoring 30 points, grabbing 15 rebounds, and assisting his teammates 5 times. But Duncan’s impact comes on defense, as he forces poor percentages around the rim. He also gets help from his superstar teammate, David Robinson, as The Admiral chips in 24 points and 15 rebounds of his own. With the paint secured, Team Black forces a Game 7 with a 100–92 victory.

As expected at the beginning of the series, a Game 7 will need to decide everything. Also as expected, the superstars show up for their sides. Michael Jordan puts on a show in the first half, scoring 20 points on 9-16 shooting from the field and 2-2 from the free-throw line. Team Black needs to recover in the second half because Jordan certainly finds his rhythm after two quarters. The half ends 61-51 in favor of Team Red, who also benefit from Hakeem (12 points) and McGrady (11 points). The second half is much closer, as Team Black wins the third quarter and actually enters the fourth with a 3-point lead.

But not for long, as Michael and Hakeem take over the fourth. Jordan actually acts as a facilitator, coming up with 5 assists in the quarter to both Olajuwon and McGrady. The superstar shooting guard gets what he wants on the floor, but realizes his superstar teammates are in a better position to score. With 3 minutes remaining, Team Red controls the game 90-86. Team Black responds with Kevin Durant and Tim Duncan, as both stars combine for 10 points in the last three minutes.

But it isn’t enough, because Jordan nails a deep three-pointer thanks to some poor defense from Team Black. Iverson gets lost in the pick-and-roll and gives up an open shot to the greatest player alive. Allen Iverson nails a floater with 1 second left to cut it to one, but a quick foul on T-Mac ends up being useless as he nails both to ice the game. Thanks to his tremendous leadership and clutch baskets, Michael Jordan is crowned Finals MVP.

Final Result: All-Time Red vs All-Time Black 4-3

Finals MVP: Michael Jordan


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