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Michael Jordan vs. Ja Morant 1-On-1 Game (Full Breakdown): The GOAT Would Destroy The Young Star

Michael Jordan vs. Ja Morant 1-On-1 Game (Full Breakdown): The GOAT Would Destroy The Young Star

Ja Morant has recently come out to make a rather shocking prediction that he would own Michael Jordan in a particular basketball matchup. Obviously, that caused mass hysteria on social media among NBA fans and media pundits, because that is often the case whenever Michael Jordan’s name comes up. According to Ja, he would have had no issues dealing with the undisputed greatest player of all time:

“I wish I would’ve played in his generation, though. Just how he go about the game, that mindset he had. … I would like to play against him. … I would’ve cooked him, too,” Morant said of Jordan. “Nobody got more confidence than 12. I’m never go and say nobody gon’ beat me in one-on-one or anything.”

Obviously, Ja Morant is one of the top stars in the NBA right now and recently signed a massive extension to remain a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. That contract was well deserved because Morant famously led his side to the second round of the playoffs in a showdown against the eventual champion Golden State Warriors. Obviously, Morant could be feeling himself after winning Most Improved Player, making his first All-Star Team, and signing a contract that could be worth around $231 million.

But confidence can sometimes border on arrogance, and some might feel that the point guard could be stretching his words a little too much recently. As anticipated, there are arguments far and wide about whether Ja could actually take MJ in a game of one-on-one. After all, Jordan is considered the greatest ever in that regard as only Kobe Bryant and possibly Kevin Durant have been compared to him as legitimate competitors. But Ja is a supremely talented player and could have what it takes to provide a reasonable challenge to the 10-time scoring champion.

In their respective eras, Michael Jordan and Ja Morant are two offensive specialists who almost have similar styles in the way they use their athleticism. Ja is a great scorer who averaged 27.4 PPG last season while MJ might be the single greatest scorer in NBA history with a career average of 30.1 PPG. To put these two great players in a 1-on-1 battle, here is the breakdown of the legendary matchup with an analysis of the two stars and how a one-on-one game until 21 turns out.

Michael Jordan vs. Ja Morant

This matchup is about pure athleticism and skill, and this will be one of the most exciting matchups between two stars that one could analyze. But as great as Ja Morant is, he simply doesn’t have that killer will and scoring instinct that Jordan has. Not to mention, Morant is giving up 4 inches and over 20 lbs of weight to the legendary shooting guard. Jordan is recognized as an obsessed winner and an ultra competitor, and Ja Morant is developing one day to inherit the same mindset and killer will. Jordan wanted to eliminate all competition and wanted to be the single greatest player ever, something Morant will notice as soon as he steps foot on the NBA court with him.

MJ has the efficiency and patience on offense, while Ja Morant has the athleticism to make difficult shots around the court at any time. Clearly, MJ is the better player thanks to his efficiency and larger physique, but it won’t be as easy as it looks for the shooting guard to take out Ja on the floor. Morant will not go down without a fight and this matchup will be very even to the public before the game. But the edge ultimately goes to Jordan because he is a bigger, stronger, and more skilled player who will take over the game as soon as he starts finding his rhythm.

Game Breakdown

This one will not go down to the wire. That is no knock on Ja Morant, but Michael is simply a different breed on both ends of the floor. At 6’6” and around 200 lbs, he has an immediate size advantage against a 6’3”, 175 lbs Morant, along with having the greatest one-on-one skills ever. The physical presence and all-around talent of MJ will also come into play in this matchup, as he will have advantages on defense and in rebounding the basketball. As the largest player on the court, Jordan will also find a way to make this matchup one of the most exciting in sports history. With the stage set, let's find out who wins this all-time great matchup by placing each competitor in a matchup to the score of 21 (Win by 2).

1-0 Michael Jordan gets an early basket by taking Ja in the post and shooting over him for a quick bucket. It's clear that Jordan will utilize the post-game when needed.

2-0 MJ gets another bucket. This time, Ja plays him too tight and Jordan gets past him only to pump fake and absorb contact to finish a shot around the rim. No foul is needed, as the score is 2-0 as MJ has the ball.

3-0 Jordan gets a third bucket in a row. This time, he attacks to the right of the basket and steps buck to drill another mid-range jumper. The crowd begins “oohs and ahhs” because Jordan has already set the tone of the matchup with some impressive play with the ball in his hands. Ja needs a response, but it won’t happen just yet.

5-0 Finally, Michael Jordan decides to jab step and drain a long two-pointer. This was a big shot because Ja was starting to sag and encourage Michael to take a deep shot, to prevent him from using his size advantage. But to no avail, as the score is 5-0.

5-1 Ja Morant gets his first bucket of the game, contesting a Jordan jumper effectively well and coming up with the rebound. He takes advantage of a misstep by the GOAT and uses his explosiveness to score at the rim thanks to a one-handed dunk. An impressive move, Ja finds hope in coming back in the matchup.

6-1 Morant tries to do the same move, but Michael pokes the ball out of bounds. Morant attacks and steps back, grazing the rim with a missed jumper. Michael rebounds, attacks left, and finishes with a one-handed jam.

7-1 MJ misses a fadeaway jumper and Morant pulls down the rebound, and immediately tries to attack the rim again but gets blocked. The ball hits Morant as Jordan regains possession. Clearly, Jordan is not letting the point guard back into the game too easily.

8-1 Jordan nails his second two-pointer by pump faking and drilling a nice jumper, swishing it through the net over the outstretched Morant. This could be getting out of hand, and Morant needs to answer quickly.

9-1 Unfortunately, Ja can’t find the range again from the perimeter as Jordan regains possession quickly. The shooting guard goes in the post again, this time pump faking the fadeaway, spinning, and nailing an easy layup.

10-1 Michael misses a two-pointer as the ball goes out of bounds. But Jordan comes up with a steal on Morant and gets an easy layup after Morant tries to gamble on a steal himself. Michael finds an easy lane to the bucket and gets his easiest finish of the game. Ja won’t see the ball again for the next few minutes.

11-1 MJ pump fakes, jabs, and drives hard to the right. This time, he stops halfway and uses his body to shield Ja before nailing another fadeaway. Unfortunately for the point guard, Jordan is finding his rhythm because he starts heating up.

13-1 Michael drains another two-pointer, this time banking it off the glass. Michael smirks and Ja lets him know that it was lucky….but how can it be luck when it is his third of the game? Clearly, even with a good contest, Michael’s rhythm is unlike anyone else’s in NBA history.

14-1 Once again, Jordan attacks the rim with force and finishes a tough layup over Morant. The GOAT simply puts his head down to draw contact and finish. This was probably the toughest shot from Michael in the game because Ja comes very close to blocking it.

15-1 Following a Michael Jordan missed jumper, Ja Morant uses his explosiveness to drive to the rim but gets clamped up by his opponent. Ja has to force up a tough jumper that just rims out, as Jordan grabs the rebounds. Here we go again.

16-1 Jordan attacks Morant’s weaker foot and finishes with the up and under. It seems MJ is getting hot again because he does not even acknowledge the bucket with any trash talk. He wants to end the matchup rather quickly.

17-1 MJ tries to get his fourth two-pointer in the game, but it rims out. Ja gets the rebound, jabs, and steps back for three. Again, it barely rims out but it could be an indication that Michael was clamping him down too much near the rim. With a relatively inconsistent jumper, Ja struggles to find his range. Michael counters with another fadeaway jumper from the block.

19-1 Morant gets Jordan to miss but once again cannot capitalize. The point guard attacks the GOAT, and once again, cannot finish around the rim. Ja is getting frustrated, but Michael’s defense is simply too elite. There is not much Morant can do when Jordan is bigger and stronger than him, because that is yet another advantage for the GOAT. MJ hits his third two-pointer of the game to come close to finishing the point guard off.

20-1 Michael understands that Ja is getting frustrated, and instead of trying the game-winning two-pointer, he hesitates for a few seconds before jab-stepping. Ja moves slightly, and Jordan attacks right and once again, goes to his fadeaway. Again, MJ goes glass and it goes right through. Morant starts chattering about luck, but Michael smirks and he looks to end it on the final possession.

21-1 Morant gets up close to MJ and wants him to attack the bucket. Michael does that, getting near the rim and going for the up-and-under move to seal the victory for himself. MJ doesn’t stop himself from chattering to Ja, who respectfully acknowledges that the Bulls legend is simply too good for him on both ends of the floor.

The final score is 21-1 for Michael Jordan. Michael was simply unstoppable on offense, but the difference was that he could clamp down on the guard when the game was closer in the beginning. Ja struggles to make enough shots from the perimeter, and he has some issues with Jordan’s size when the GOAT attacks the rim. Overall Michael was at his best on both ends of the floor and the scoreline reflects that.

Ja Morant Is A Young Star And Should Know That Michael Jordan Would Take This Personally

The matchup could not have gone either way. Michael Jordan is simply the best player of all time and has multiple advantages over the smaller guard. As seen from the game breakdown, Jordan has the hot hand throughout the matchup, and if not for the clever move to blow past the GOAT and finish with a jam, Ja Morant would have lost 21-0. That is not a knock on Ja, who looks to be reaching superstar potential very soon.

It is just that Michael is the best player in the matchup, and that ultimately proves the difference because having that extra bit of shot-making ends the game. Overall, Air Jordan is the greatest player ever and his decision to take Ja in the post throughout the matchup is very warranted because the former Bulls guard has far more experience taking opponents one-on-one than Ja. Not to mention, unlike a slender Morant, Michael has a massive size advantage at 6’6” and was generally muscle-bound throughout his career.

Morant is an explosive point guard with elite quickness, but he gives up at least 4 inches and 25 lbs to another athletic phenom. Jordan is stronger than Ja, jumps just as high, and can be considered just as explosive for his size. In terms of skill, Michael has a much better jump shot and post-game, which ultimately gives the Bulls superstar a massive advantage. The game would most likely end 21-1 because Jordan can get stops better than Ja, and once his shots go in, it is a wrap. 


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