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Shaquille O'Neal Has Had The Best Teammates Of Any Star In NBA History

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Fadeaway World

Without a doubt, Shaq is one of the most dominant players in NBA history. Many dub him as the most dominant, as he ran riot over the league en route to three straight NBA titles with the Lakers before capturing one more with the Heat.

Shaq was simply bigger and stronger than most of the league, and this was the reason why he put up absurd numbers over his career. But his skill was sublime, as he could handle the ball and pass very well for his size. He could move well and was simply one of the best centers we have ever seen.

Shaq also played with some all-time great players, including those that we cherish to this day. Here are the players that Shaq has played with over his career.

Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers

Without a doubt, Kobe was Shaq's greatest teammate. He was his 1A to Shaq's 1, and their duo gave them three NBA titles which could've been much more. Kobe's clutch scoring and overall play for nicely with Shaq's dominating play on both ends.

Dwyane Wade - Miami Heat

Possibly his second greatest teammate, Wade helped add a fourth ring to Shaq's impressive resume. Even if Shaq was older and not as dominant as he was in his Lakers days, he was still a very imposing force who averaged 20-10 as the second option. Wade's Finals performance in 2006 is one of the greatest we have ever seen.

LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James was a man-child when Shaq played with him on the Cavaliers. He was young, extremely athletic, and very dominant. He led the Cavs to a top seed almost every year, and Shaq hoped to hop on the Bron Train if you will. But Shaq was very old, and the Cavs did not have enough in the playoffs.

Karl Malone - Los Angeles Lakers

Malone joined forces with Shaq and Kobe in 2004, as part of a superteam. Malone had an opportunity to capture an NBA ring finally, but he could not help enough as the Lakers fell to the Pistons in the Finals. Malone was certainly older, but still could be a reliable third option.

Steve Nash - Phoenix Suns

Shaq had a revival playing with Nash in Phoenix, as he literally started playing younger. Shaq became the best player on the Suns at the time and even made an All-Star game thanks to his production. Unfortunately for Shaq and the Suns, they weren't able to go far in the playoffs.

Kevin Garnett - Boston Celtics

Shaq joined Garnett in the frontcourt very late in his career, hoping to add a fifth ring even without playing too big of a role. Shaq tried his best to perform, but he was just too old and ended up getting injured. Garnett was also older and started his decline into retirement.

Paul Pierce - Boston Celtics

Pierce was also aging when Shaq joined him and the Celtics but was still arguably their best player alongside Rajon Rondo. Pierce could still shoot, score, and make clutch buckets when it mattered. Unfortunately for Shaq, Pierce could not do it at a high level as he used to and the Celtics slowly began fading into a rebuild.

Ray Allen - Boston Celtics

The third member of the Big Three Celtics, Allen was also old when Shaq joined him and the team. Allen was still a reliable knockdown shooter but he could not shoot the Celtics to another NBA Finals win. Allen later joined the Heat to win an NBA championship.

Penny Hardaway - Orlando Magic

One of Shaq's greatest teammates is Penny Hardaway. Penny was so great, that many thought he was the next face of the league. And he was. He had exceptional playmaking and scoring ability, and his partnership with a young dominant Shaq led them to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, an unstoppable Hakeem Olajuwon and Rockets beat them. Penny later dealt with unfortunate injuries that derailed his career.

Amar'e Stoudemire - Phoenix Suns

Amar'e was a beast in his prime and was an unstoppable player alongside Steve Nash. Unluckily for Shaq, he caught the older version of Amar'e who was dealing with back issues. Shaq soon took over as the Sun's best big man, and Stoudemire later took his talents to New York where injuries derailed his career there.

Rajon Rondo - Boston Celtics

Rondo was slowly becoming the face of the Celtics franchise when Shaq arrived. The Big Three of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen were aging and soon would be on their way out. Rondo was a young gun who was a triple-double threat every night, and Shaq got some easy buckets playing alongside him for a brief amount of time.

Dennis Rodman - Los Angeles Lakers

Rodman is arguably the greatest rebounder of all time, thanks to his knack of being in the right position and also his intense hustle and passion. Rodman and Shaq played with each other for the Lakers, at the very tail-end of Rodman's career. Shaq never got to play with the dominant Rodman that won 5 NBA titles.

Alonzo Mourning - Miami Heat

Alonzo was Shaq's backup for the Miami Heat in the mid-2000s. Alonzo proved a pivotal piece for the Heat's championship ring, as he added another big body who could shot block and bang down low when Shaq rested. Mourning and Shaq were also compared often early on in their careers as both were great big men.

Gary Payton - Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers

Payton was another player who played alongside Shaq, both for the Lakers and Heat. He was a backup to Jason Williams and provided defense and hustle en route to an NBA ring. Payton was also a part of the Lakers superteam that failed to defeat the Pistons in the NBA Finals.

Grant Hill - Phoenix Suns

Grant Hill was another all-time great talent who should have been the face of the NBA. He was a special player who was very similar to LeBron James, except he had unbelievable handles. Hill suffered from injuries, but had a brief revival with the Suns alongside Shaq. Shaq became the best player for the Suns while Hill provided scoring and hustle off the bench.

Glen Rice - Los Angeles Lakers

Many fail to realize how Glen Rice was a big piece for the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. Of course, Bryant and Shaq took all the spotlight since they were the most unstoppable duo we have ever seen. But Rice was a very important third star for this team who provides scoring when the team needed him most. It is about time people began giving him some love.


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