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The 15 Michael Jordan Records That Will Never Be Broken

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Fadeaway World

Michael Jordan has some incredible accomplishments, and we all know this. But many don't realize that he has a couple of records that will probably never be broken. Even in an era that caters to stat-stuffing, lack of defensive resistance, and worldwide hype; some of Jordan's records will likely remain forever.

While this is quite shocking considering the fact that Jordan has been retired since 2003, many believe that he had retired "mentally" and "physically" before then. MJ has some amazing achievements, including 6 NBA titles and 10 scoring titles to his name. But there are a whole lot of records that Jordan has broken, which will probably stand the test of time.

Here are the 15 incredible NBA records that Michael Jordan will likely hold forever.

1. 10x NBA Scoring Champion

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To start things off, it is highly unlikely that any player in NBA history will manage to capture 10 scoring titles. Even top-five scorers of all time Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant failed to even come close to 10, so how can anyone even surpass 10?

Based on the current selection of players, there really isn't a player who can manage to win 10. James Harden is arguably the best scorer in the league and does not have many years left to catch up. Unless there is a once in a generation type player coming in, this record will likely hold forever.

Ranking: Michael Jordan (10), Wilt Chamberlain (7), George Gervin (4), Allen Iverson (4), Kevin Durant (4)

2. Only One With Two Three-Peats

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Fadeaway World

Jordan shares this with Scottie Pippen. But MJ was the undisputed leader of the Bulls team that went 6-0 in NBA Finals with two 3-peats. Any team in history will attest that winning two straight NBA titles is such a heroic feat, let alone three. And the fact that MJ did it twice... is something that is extraordinary.

Jordan's obsession with winning, and making every single player around him better, is the reason that he has two 3-peats to his name. Even the Golden State Warriors, who probably had the most talent on one team since Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls managed three titles without a three-peat. There just can't be a player who can make his sort of impact come through the league again.

Ranking: Michael Jordan (Two Three-Peats), Shaq O'Neal (One Three-Peat), Kobe Bryant (One Three-Peat)

3. The Most Points Per Game In NBA History

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Jordan averages 30.1 PPG for his career. This figure stands out from the rest of the league, including Wilt Chamberlain (30.0 PPG) and Elgin Baylor (27.3) who were second and third respectively.

Jordan won a whopping 10 scoring titles, and his PPG average only gives more evidence that he was the game's greatest scorer. MJ just was a perfect offensive player, with his ability to shoot from the perimeter and also finish at the rim, no player made it easier to score than MJ. He was efficient, with a career 49.7% FG, and consistent since he came into the league. There really isn't any doubt as to which player could score at the highest level.

Ranking: Michael Jordan (30.1 PPG), Wilt Chamberlain (30.0 PPG), Elgin Baylor (27.3 PPG)

4. The Most Points Per Game In Finals Series

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Fadeaway World

Michael Jordan once averaged 41.0 PPG during the 1993 NBA Finals series against Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns. Especially during Games 3,4, and 5; Jordan dropped 44, 55, and 41 points in a run that effectively put the Suns out of the series. There was little doubt as to which player was deciding the outcome of the series, and his 41.0 PPG scoring average has stood the test of time.

Not to mention, his overall stat line at the end of the series was even more impressive. He played 45.7 minutes per game, scored 41.0 points a game, grabbed 8.5 rebounds, and dished out 6.3 assists. While these numbers are legendary, his scoring output is something so extraordinary during an era built on defense, that it is very likely a player will ever put forth a more amazing NBA Finals offensive showcase.

There are 9 times when a player has averaged 40 PPG in a playoff series. Michael Jordan did it 5 times.

Ranking: Michael Jordan (41.0 PPG), Rick Barry (40.8 PPG), Elgin Baylor (40.6 PPG)

5. Amazing Achievements At 35 Years Old

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

At the ripe age of 35 years old, MJ managed a haul of impressive team and individual achievements. In fact, he managed to capture the most important achievements of all.

MJ captured the NBA title and Finals MVP in an iconic season where he was also the MVP of the league and of the All-Star game. In a nutshell, MJ was basically far and away the best player on planet Earth at age 35.

To further put some more icing on the cake, Jordan also was on the All-Defensive First Team and obviously made the All-NBA 1st Team. It will be very difficult for any 35 year old to ever come remotely close to this.

6. Second Three-Peat: 2x MVP, 3x Finals MVP, 3x NBA Title, 3x Scoring Title, 3x All-Defensive First Team, While Missing Exactly 0 Games

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

During the entire phase of Jordan's second 3-peat, he put up an incredible haul of achievements. After listening to what he did in his second 3-peat, the gap between MJ and every other player in history becomes clearer.

MJ managed to win 2 MVPs, 3 Finals MVPs, 3 scoring titles, 3, NBA titles, and made 3 All-Defensive 1st Team selections in three years. All without missing a single game. There is not much else to say here. He was far and away the best player on both ends of the floor and is the best player to have ever done it. This record will almost certainly never ever be broken.

7. Only Player In NBA History To Earn More Money Than His Entire Team

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Although this is quite funny, it is actually true. MJ made more money than his entire Chicago Bulls squad. In 1998, Jordan managed to earn a whopping $33.1 million salary, more than his entire team combined. The next highest was Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc at $4,560,000.

In fact, Jordan earned more money than was allowed as per the salary cap. MJ's agent managed to get Jordan the extra money due to a contractual loophole that gave MJ an extra $15 million due to an endorsement deal.

In a nutshell, we will never again see a single-player as marketable and dominant as MJ earn over 8x as much as the next highest-paid player on the team. This also shows just how grossly underpaid Scottie Pippen was...

8. Only Player Who Won The MVP, DPOY, Scoring Title In One Season

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In 1987-1988, Michael Jordan captured a record that has remained until today. In fact, it may last for eternity. We have not seen a player be as dominant on both ends of the floor since Michael Jordan. He won the scoring title and the DPOY in one year, something extraordinary and special. Of course, after an impressive season like that, MJ deservedly won the MVP.

LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are two names that are sensational regular season performers, but they could not manage to win these two awards let alone in combination with the MVP in one year. MJ was clearly the best player when he played, and it will be very difficult to find someone who can score at a high level and shut down the opposition at the same time.

9. The Force In The Playoffs (Outscored 269 opponents from 270)

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The best version of MJ probably came in the playoffs. And that is where the bulk of his records come from.

MJ faced 270 different opponents throughout his career in the playoffs and outscored each and every one of them excluding Terry Cummings. This means that Jordan outscored the likes of Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Larry Bird when he matched up with them. Terry Cummings beat out MJ, but only by 0.2 PPG. This is hilarious, especially when MJ was guarded by 2x Defensive Player of the Year in Sidney Moncrief.

If there is a stat that gives evidence to the most unstoppable offensive player ever, it is this one.

10. The Most Points Per Game In The NBA Playoffs History

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Yet another offensive record that Michael owns, Jordan has the most points per game average in NBA history in the playoffs. MJ blew away the competition each time he played in the postseason, even when he was young and not progressing past the first round. MJ might very well have been the best player in the league as a rookie, with many claiming that he was already the game's greatest scorer.

MJs 33.4 PPG average is very impressive, considering how the defense was played in that era. In today's free-scoring style of play, this record could possibly be broken. But it is unlikely. It requires a ton of scoring capacity and efficiency to match this number throughout an exhausting playoff run, and MJ had mastered scoring the basketball in the most consistent manner. It is just not logical to imagine any player in the future matching Jordan's scoring prowess.

Ranking: Michael Jordan (33.4 PPG), Allen Iverson (29.7 PPG), Jerry West (29.1 PPG)

11. The Most Finals MVPs

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Jordan famously has 6 Finals MVPs. That is 3 times as much as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and double the likes of Magic Johnson and LeBron James. The fact that he managed to capture 6 of these titles is almost non-human. Even Bill Russell does not have one Finals MVP despite winning 11 rings.

It is almost impossible to replicate Jordan's haul of 6 Finals MVPs. Unless there is the second coming of MJ in the very distant future, this is a record that will most likely stand the test of time.

12. The Most MVPs And Finals MVPs Combined

(via Goliath)

(via Goliath)

Michael Jordan has a record of 11 MVPs and Finals MVPs combined. While Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has one more MVP to his name than Jordan, MJ has 3 times as many Finals MVPs.

If there are two trophies that the greatest players covet, it is the MVP and the Finals MVP. These trophies indicate who the best player in the regular season is, and also the best player at the highest level of basketball in the NBA Finals. Jordan's combined 11 MVP trophies blow away the competition, with Kareem coming second with 8 and LeBron James with 7.

13. The Most Trophies In NBA History

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Michael Jordan has collected an unbelievable amount of trophies, a record 22 trophies. MJ is ahead of the likes of Bill Russell, who has 17 trophies including a record 11 NBA titles, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has 15 trophies.

MJs supremely impressive haul of trophies includes 6 NBA titles, 6 NBA Finals MVPs, 5 MVPs, and 3 All-Star Game MVPs. It is clear who the greatest player of all time is. It might be time to just end the discussion.

14. Highest Career PER (27.9)

Michael Jordan

Out of all the advanced stats that are available nowadays, PER might be the best overall measure. Player efficiency rating is used to capture all a player's contributions on the basketball court into one measure. Basically, it statistically gives evidence on a player's overall impact.

Michael Jordan has the highest career per of all time. This means that he has the most impact on the court ahead of the likes of LeBron James who has been the PER king since he came into the league. Jordan's 27.9 PER is the highest with LeBron coming in second at 27.5.

15. 6-0 NBA Finals (Unbeaten As The Leader Of The Team)

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

To finish off the 15th unbreakable record of Michael Jordan, it is only fitting to end it with Jordan's winning record. It makes the most sense, considering how much MJ wanted to win.

Michael Jordan famously went 6-0 in the NBA Finals as the undisputed leader and captain of his team. No other leader of a team has managed to accomplish this feat, and it is likely that no one ever will.

We have seen some all-time great players with winning records in the Finals, including Kobe Bryant, went 5-2 in the Finals or Tim Duncan who went 5-1 in the Finals. But Jordan holds an undefeated record as the undisputed leader of the team, something that we will probably never witness again.