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The Biggest Mistakes The Miami Heat Made This Season: Not Trading For James Harden And Bradley Beal

The Biggest Mistakes The Miami Heat Made This Season: Not Trading For James Harden and Bradley Beal

The Miami Heat are in big trouble as they are in a 3-0 hole to the team they beat last year, the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks have taken sweet revenge on the Heat who are getting outplayed in every facet of the game, as they have been outscored by 63 points over the past two games. Looking at the roster, it is clear the Miami Heat Finals run last year was a fluke.

The Heat are not good enough and do not have enough impactful players on the court outside of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. This leads one to wonder why the Heat didn't move on from Tyler Herro, who is having an awful postseason, for the likes of James Harden or Bradley Beal. Miami made a solid trade to get Victor Oladipo, but he is unavailable for the foreseeable future due to a nagging injury. Without a third star, the Miami Heat are going to be swept in the first round because they made big mistakes not acquiring James Harden or Bradley Beal this year.

A Top-5 Player Was Available, But The Heat Value Tyler Herro More

James Harden forced his way out of Houston this year, and there were multiple teams in the running for The Beard's signature. Harden is by far the best shooting guard in the world, and he was having a solid season for the Rockets despite looking out of shape. Harden averaged 24.8 PPG and 10.4 APG despite having one foot out the door, which shows his impact and natural talent.

Philadelphia offered Ben Simmons, Indiana parted ways with Victor Oladipo, but the Heat couldn't part ways with Tyler Herro. Herro was solid last year, but he will never be James Harden. Even if Harden's fit with the Heat's team chemistry was doubtful, a player of his talent comes around once in a generation. Instead of dangling Herro and biting the bullet, they don't have the best guard in the NBA alongside Butler and Bam.

Bradley Beal Was The Best Scorer In The League, But Miami Couldn't Pull The Trigger

Bradley Beal was leading the NBA in scoring until Stephen Curry had his unbelievable hot streak towards the end of the season to win the scoring title. Beal ended the season averaging 31.3 PPG for the Wizards and guided them to an unlikely playoff appearance in the East. Imagine if the Heat had Bradley Beal on the roster, would they get outscored by the Bucks by over 60 points in two games? Highly unlikely.

Once again, the Heat did not want to mess with their team chemistry that was extremely solid last year. But the Heat were not the same team from the start of the season, and it was clear they needed to make changes. Instead of praying for another "Bubble" run again, they should have pulled the trigger for Bradley Beal because talent wins championships. With Harden in Brooklyn and Beal carrying Washington in the playoffs, the Heat have embarrassed themselves with a putrid play on both ends of the floor.

Luckily for the Miami Heat, they still have a shot to land a top superstar to pair with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Kawhi Leonard is reported to be interested in Miami, and considering the way the Los Angeles Clippers have looked, the Heat have a chance to make amends by acquiring arguably the best two-way player in the game. If Miami fail to make changes to this roster, they are at risk of basking in mediocrity for a long time.