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Top 10 NBA Players With The Best Field-Goal Percentage Of All Time: DeAndre Jordan Is The Surprising Leader

Top 10 NBA Players With The Best Field-Goal Percentage Of All Time: DeAndre Jordan Is The Surprising Leader

To win the game of basketball, the ball has to go in the hoop. It’s a simple rule of the game. How many times the ball goes into the hoop calculates your score and you win. It sounds easy, but it’s pretty difficult to get the ball into the hoop on an efficient basis. That is why there is not a single player in NBA history that has ever shot 70% from the field for his career.

When looking back at the most efficient players for field-goal percentage, there are only four players that are shooting over 60% for their career and they are all active players. Seven of the top 10 players are active players. You will also notice that the shot selection consistently goes down as we get near the top, which is why when we talk about Shaquille O’Neal as one of the greatest players of all time, the numbers support it.

10. Hassan Whiteside - 58.16% (2,530 FGM)

5.5 - 9.4 (FGM - FGA)

Hassan Whiteside Utah Jazz

Whiteside had a late start to his career. He entered the league and then spent two years with Lebanon and China. It wasn’t until he was 25 years old in 2014-2015 that he consistently found a role in the NBA. Whiteside makes the top-10 on the sure basis that he converts at a high rate when given the opportunity.

Whiteside has averaged shooting the ball 10 times or more just three times. That also includes a slip in his production the last two years where he is shooting about 3.5 times per game. If this keeps up, he will hover around the top-10 until he retires.

9. Artis Gilmore - 58.19% (9,403 FGM)

7.1 - 12.2 (FGM - FGA)


Gilmore is best remembered as the all-time leader in blocks for the Chicago Bulls during the 1980s. What we don’t remember is that Gilmore was an effective shooter in the NBA. Gilmore is only one of two players on this list that averaged shooting the ball more than 10 times per game. Gilmore’s career 7.1 field goals made is also the second-most on this list, which is why we should respect the 58% conversion rate.

When the Bulls played in the 80s, they weren’t a good team. Remember, Michael Jordan wasn’t drafted until 1984. The team wasn’t truly competitive until about three years later. Gilmore had to be a source of offensive production, so the fact he remains in the top-10 shows how efficient he was.

8. Shaquille O’Neal - 58.23% (11,330 FMG)

9.4 - 16.1 (FGM - FGA)

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

While Shaq might be listed as eighth-best on this list, he should be No. 1 among centers among these players. For starters, Shaq is the only player that shot the ball 15 times or more in a game. His shots and field goals made are the most, which means that he had to convert more times. His field goals made for his career triples the leader on this list.

Among other accolades, Shaq won three Finals MVPs, so he was the pure source offense during those years. All in all, the fact that someone shot the ball 16 times per game and converged 58% of the time is impressive. When you see some of the other names on this list ahead of him, they were not on the same offensive level as him.

7. Dwight Howard - 58.65% (6,953 FGM)

5.8 - 9.9 (FGM - FGA)

(via Hoops Habit)

(via Hoops Habit)

Howard was close to Shaq when he first entered the league. In his first years, offensively he shot the ball at least 10 times per game for nine consecutive years. He even led the league in field goal percentage with 61.7% in 2009-2010, the year after the Magic made the NBA Finals. As Howard has remained in the league, his shot selection has decreased because he had to take on a new role.

In the last three years, Howard has not taken more than 4.4 shots per game. This year, he is shooting his lowest amount of shots per game with 2.5. Once Howard entered his 30s, he took on a different role, which is okay because that role helped him win a ring in 2020. Still, we need to remember that Howard was a lite version of Shaq at one point and converted at a high rate.

6. Steven Adams - 58.86% (2,399 FGM)

4.0 - 6.7 (FGM - FGA)

Steven Adams

We go from a high shot selection group to the conservative bunch. Adams has shot the ball 10 times or more just once in his career. His career-high is 13.9 points, so that should not come as a surprise. When you play alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook most of your career, there isn’t much ball to go around.

With that said, Adams takes care of business when he is given the chance. Adams is only getting about five chances per night but converting close to 60%. Last year, as a member of the Pelicans, he did convert over 60% from the field for the third time in his career. Adams is just 28 years old, so we'll see where he eventually falls on this list.

5. Tyson Chandler - 59.66% (3,558 FGM)

3.1 - 5.1 (FGM - FGA)

Tyson Chandler

When you are used to dunking the ball all day long, you should convert at a high percentage. That was the nature of Chander’s game. He never shot a three-pointer in his long career. He didn’t have to because he was a big body that was going to hover around the rim and he would shoot when he was a few feet from the basket.

Chandler’s career-high for field goal attempts is 7.7, which was when he was 25 years old in New Orleans. Chandler’s 3.1 field goals made are the lowest among the group. If you round up, Chander made close to 60% of his shots, which is exactly what three out of five comes to mathematically.

4. Montrezl Harrell - 61.75% (2,161 FGM)

5.3 - 8.6 (FGM - FGA)

Montrezl Harrell

Three of the next players are guys that remain in their 20s, so we could see this list shakeup over the next few years. Starting with Harrell, he is someone that is shooting the ball at a higher rate. Harrell is a former Sixth Man of the Year who averaged 18.6 points. During that year, Harrell shot 58% from the field, which is rather impressive.

At 28 years old, we will see if he can convert at a high rate over time. Right now, he is averaging 10.0 shots per game with a career-high 65.3% shooting average. Maybe, Harrell truly does belong in this category.

3. Clint Capela - 62.44% (2,297 FGM)

5.5 - 8.8 (FGM - FGA)

Clint Capela

Capela is in the middle of his eighth season in the league and is just 27 years old. So far, he has been converting at a high rate, shooting above 60% from the field for four straight seasons. Last year, he just missed it by shooting 59.4% from the field. Capela is thriving playing alongside guards Chris Paul and Trae Young in recent years.

As for the future, Capela could remain in this category. Young is going to be his teammate until he is 30 most likely. Once Capela starts to wear down, his attempts from the field will also go down. If he can stay around 60% by the time that happens, we should expect to see Capela in this area by the end of his career.

2. Rudy Gobert - 64.82% (2,548 FGM)

4.5 - 6.9 (FGM - FGA)

Rudy Gobert

The best defensive man in the country is also the second-best shooter by the numbers. Before we get too carried away, Gobert doesn’t shoot a lot outside from under the basket. He has taken eight three-point shots and missed all of them. According to the stats, 80.2% of his shots in his career are talent from zero to three feet from the basket.

Gobert has been shooting the ball close to eight times a game the last four years. He is an offensive rebounding monster as he currently leads the league in rebounding. With Donovan Mitchell, Mike Conley Jr., and Bojan Bogdanovic taking most of the shots, Gobert just needs to convert the shots he’s given or clean up the trash. At 64% of the time, he appears to be succeeding.

1. DeAndre Jordan - 67.44% (3,572 FGM)

3.8 - 5.6 (FGM - FGA)

DeAndre Jordan

Like Chandler, it’s easy to make a lot of shots when you are dunking the ball all the time. When Jordan played alongside Chris Paul in Los Angeles, “Lob City” featured Jordan as one of the mayors. Jordan’s dunk on Brandon Knight remains played for the younger generation. With Jordan’s current role these days, there’s a good chance that Jordan owns this record when he retires.

Jordan is 33 years old and is shooting the ball about three times each night. His career-high for shot attempts was 7.1, so he’s never been a high-volume shooter. What is impressive is that Jordan led the league in field goal percentage five consecutive years from 2013-2017. That included shooting 64.3%, 67.6%, 71.0%, 70.3%, and 71.4%. 


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