The trade deadline is far behind us, and truth to be told, it was a bit of a disappointment, especially considering all of the trade rumors that were floating around in the air since the start of the season.

Obviously, the NBA is one of the most unpredictable leagues in the world, as we’re talking about a billionaire business where things are always happening right before our very eyes, even if we can’t see it.

We had it all figured out, we knew (or thought) who was going where, and it the end, nothing happened. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the 5 trades we all expected but never happened.


5. Andrew Wiggins To The Toronto Raptors

The Minnesota Timberwolves were having a lot of doubts with Andrew Wiggins, as his lack of commitment, poor effort in both ends of the floor and careless personality was starting to show once again.

The Raptors had serious doubts regarding their ability to keep Kawhi Leonard beyond this season, so we all expected them to enter panic mode and try and trade for one of the best young Canadians in the league.


4. Mike Conley To The Utah Jazz

Mike Conley was involved in several trade rumors prior to the trade deadline even despite his astronomic contract, and it looked like the Jazz and Grizzlies were ready to pull the trigger on a Rubio-Conley swap.

Conley didn’t want to be traded to Utah and preferred to go to an Eastern Conference team, and the Grizzlies somehow granted him his wish by deciding to keep him even amid their major roster overhaul.


3. Kevin Love Out Of The Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Love signed a huge contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers before the start of the season, but nobody expected him to actually stay put at The Land for much longer as he was supposed to be dealt.

He was almost shut down for the year with an injury and everybody thought he was about to ask for a trade or a buyout, but eventually, the team didn’t move him. Still, he’s a lock to be traded by the start of next year.


2. Marc Gasol To The Boston Celtics

Marc Gasol has been on the Boston Celtics’ agenda for years and they’re expected to make a huge run at him in the summer, especially if they strike out on Anthony Davis because of his desire to join the Lakers.

Gasol is not getting any younger and the Grizzlies were bound to find a new home for their best player in franchise history, but everybody was surprised when he wound up joining the Toronto Raptors.


1. Anthony Davis To The Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Rich Paul were determined to get Anthony Davis to join the Los Angeles Lakers, with him desperate to play for a contender and even showing his desire to join forces with the King.

Nonetheless, the Pelicans pretty much toyed with the Lakers and refused to negotiate with them. They leaked their offers to mess up with their chemistry and decided to hold on to him until the summer.

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