Even though the trade deadline was weeks ago, we’re still watching its sweepstakes and the impact his trade request had around the league, with everybody being in the losing side of this situation.

Several teams pursuit Davis prior to the deadline but the team eventually decided to wait until the summer to deal him to the Celtics, even despite all the speculation regarding him and a potential move to the Lakers.

Either way, even if Davis winds up being moved in the summer, it looks as if this messed up situation actually took a huge toll on the locker rooms of both of the teams more determined to hold onto him: The Lakers and the Celtics. How? Let’s break it down.


Ruined Lakers Chemistry

The Pelicans leaked all of the Lakers’ trade offers for Anthony Davis just to mess around with their chemistry and get back at them for their tampering, and given for what we’ve seen lately, they succeeded.

Young Lakers players knew they were on the trade block and it looks like they just don’t trust LeBron James and the organization anymore. The Lakers had a higher chance to get Anthony Davis if they had kept the trade talks under the radar according to sources near the team.


Ruined Celtics Chemistry

Danny Ainge openly telling the Pelicans to wait until the summer to deal Davis also messed up with the Celtics chemistry, even though the team didn’t get along before that, as per Marcus Morris’ statements.

Moreover, Ainge said no player is off the table on a potential trade offer for Davis, and even though he might end up lowballing them in the summer, that has Boston’s youngsters doubting their future with the organization. Is tough to play hard when you know the team wants to trade you.

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LeBron James Might Not Make The Playoffs

For the first time in 14 years, we might see the playoffs without LeBron James, something most NBA fans just can’t fathom. Thing is, young players just don’t get along with him, and him publicly bashing them just makes things worse.

Most Lakers players look effortless as if they were intentionally trying to sabotage James. At the end of the day, they know he’s going to try and force a trade that will take them elsewhere, so they just want to skip ahead to the end of the season.


Kyrie Irving Might Leave The Celtics

According to rumors, Anthony Davis’ camp was responsible for allegedly leaking Kyrie Irving’s desire to leave the Boston Celtics, something they might have as well spoken into existence with the superstar having serious doubts about his future at Boston.

Irving called out the Celtics’ young players earlier in the season and Brad Stevens’ team has had serious meltdowns against top-tier rivals. If they don’t make it to the Finals, he’s a lock to leave the team.