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Free agency is about more than just the notable names and where they will end up. There are a number of names that are being heavily overlooked and undervalued despite being very capable players. Wherever these guys end up, they will undoubtedly be impactful additions. Names like Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler aren’t the only names up for grabs this July.

Here are the top five under-the-radar, low-profile free agents of 2019:


5. Ed Davis

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Davis is not a flashy big man, but he does the little things that actually make a big difference. His board work is invaluable. A Serviceable defender would fit well on any team that needs size. The Nets will surely hope to retain his services, but I believe based on need teams like the Celtics and Sixers could be in the hunt for a back up big.

Davis could even thrive in a starting role. He has proven to be an irritant on the glass. The big man was a handful for Embiid in Brooklyn’s short playoff run. In 3 games against Philly, Davis averaged a solid 5.3 ppg and 6.3 rpg on 70% shooting in just roughly 14mpg.


4. Bojan Bogdanovic

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Bogdanovic is a professional bucket getter. A guy who can score from anywhere in the halfcourt. Limited defensively, but his job is typically to score the basketball. To put things into perspective, Bogdanovic averaged a career-best 18 ppg on 50% shooting including 43% from distance and 81% from the stripe.

In the end, expect Bojan to sign in San Antonio because they are willing to part ways with DeMar DeRozan to get him. The Spurs can definitely use more shooting and Bojan fits the bill in that regard.


3. DeAndre Jordan

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There are two types of centers who fit today’s NBA game. A rim runner offensively who operates within 5 feet of the basket and has great hands. The other is a stretch 5, Jordan is not the latter. DeAndre Jordan still brings quite a spark on both ends of the floor. An excellent lob finisher who is the ultimate protector of the paint.

The only wrinkles in Jordan’s game have been his FT% and his range. This past season his FT percentage has improved to 71%. DJ shoots 64% from the floor overall. The strength of Jordan’s game is that he does not deviate from who he is as a player. He is in the Tristan Thompson, Bismack Biyombo, Clint Capela or Rudy Gobert class of big men. A certified rim runner and shot blocker.


2. Thaddeus Young

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Young was the true MVP for the Indiana Pacers this past season. Young did it all for the Pacers on both ends of the floor and was kind of a lead by example type of leader for them. The big man is still in his prime at 30 years old. The best years are theoretically ahead of him.

Young averaged 12.6 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 2.5 apg, and 1.5 spg on 53% shooting including 35% from 3. Young is a wall defensively. Possessed with great length to be an irritant in the passing lanes. The Pacers are hoping to retain his services, but the expectation is he will have many suitors.


1. Malcolm Brogdon

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Brogdon is 26 years old, but he plays like he’s been in the league for 10 years. Very high IQ basketball player with great instincts defensively and excellent efficiency offensively. Brogdon is a part of the illustrious 40/50/90 club. The young combo guard is just entering his prime and the maturity of his game is the most attractive.

Teams like Chicago, Sacramento, and of course Milwaukee are all expected to make a run at the free agent.