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Michael Jordan has just inked Luka Doncic to a multi-year deal with Jordan brand, becoming one of the biggest winners of the season after already signing Luka Doncic earlier in the summer.


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Jordan brand was far behind Nike and Adidas when it came to luring superstars, so Doncic’s arrival comes as a bit of fresh air for a brand that’s looking to build up to the future.

“It is exciting to join such a talented roster and being given the privilege of defining the next generation of the Jordan Brand,” Doncic said. “Michael Jordan was a hero of mine growing up, so being able to represent this iconic brand, especially as a kid from Slovenia, is an honor,” he added; as quoted by HypeBeast.

Moreover, His Royal Airness himself also had a lot of praise for the Dallas Mavericks’ young star, showing his excitement about him joining the Jordan family:

“Luka is a phenomenal player, and at such a young age. He’s demonstrating skill it takes many guys years to develop. It will be incredible to watch him continue to advance in the league,” said Jordan. “We are excited to welcome him to the Jordan Brand family. He rounds out a roster of incredible new talent united to represent Jordan Brand for the next generation,” he concluded.

And now that Doncic has jumped on board, Jordan brand has put together quite an impressive starting lineup consisting mostly in promising and young players. Let’s break it down:


Guard – Russell Westbrook

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You either love Westbrook or you hate him. There’s no in-between. However, there’s just no denying how talented he is. We’re talking about a 6’3” guard that can jump out the roof, play lockdown defense, and run faster than anybody in the league. You may argue his basketball IQ isn’t exactly at its peak, but talent-wise, there aren’t many players you could list ahead of him.


Guard – Jimmy Butler

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Jimmy Butler keeps on betting on himself and so far, it’s paid off. He decided to put together his own contending team with the Miami Heat, and they’re thriving right now. He’s a lockdown defender that can score at will, and one of the fiercest competitors you’ll ever find. If that’s not reason enough to get Michael Jordan’s attention, then I don’t know what is.


Forward – Luka Doncic

(via Sports Illustrated)

Doncic is the latest addition to Jordan’s family and the league’s most beloved player right now. Nobody expected him to be this good this fast, but here we are. He’s embarrassing grown men in the hardwood night in and night out, and has proven that can consistently do it all in the offensive end of the floor. He’s got a bright future ahead of him, for sure.


Forward – Jayson Tatum

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Everybody got caught up in the Jayson Tatum hype, so perhaps most people think he’s not as good as they said early on. However, he’s one of the most efficient players on a winning team and the fact that he’s embraced a secondary role tells you a lot about his maturity, work ethic and determination to will. He’ll get you buckets if needed, and is also an improving defender that’ll be a perennial All-Star in no time.


Forward – Zion Williamson

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Everybody’s dying to see Zion Williamson hit the court. The first overall pick is yet to make his official debut, but he’s turned a lot of heads every time he’s been healthy. Williamson is an athletic freak of nature. He could play tight end for the Saints and then suit up at night to play the four for the Pelicans as well. Hopefully, injuries won’t cut his promising career short.


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