(via Sports Illustrated)

The NBA’s All-Star weekend is one of the premier events of the season. The best players in the world gather to display their skills against each other for the entire world.

While there’s nothing really at stake except pride, it makes for some pretty awesome moments.

And, thanks to C.J. McCollum, there’s an idea floating around that could create some more.

Among a list of events throughout a three-day slate, McCollum thinks the league should add a 1v1 tournament

Of course, the idea is getting mixed reactions from fans. Some feel it would be a great idea, others think it’d be awful, and some have even proposed their own version, suggesting it should be a duo battle instead of just a one-on-one.

No matter which way you put it, it seems like something worth giving a shot. With money on the line for the players and (bragging rights to whoever wins), folks would be incentivized to play. And the fans, who debate these things constantly, couldn’t help but watch.

For a league that’s struggling to match their viewership from year’s past, this could be a way to make things more exciting for the NBA in the midst of several other proposed changes to the structure.