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The 76ers were supposed to be Championship contenders this season. With a core of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, it seemed like a reasonable expectation.

On the court, however, there seems to be something missing. Simmons and Embiid make an awkward fit, Al Horford hasn’t been as good as they thought, and the roster as a whole seems incomplete.

Ahead of February’s trade deadline, the Sixers are working hard to fill in the gaps and fix the team in preparation for a long post-season run. According to Kevin O’Connor, they have already targeted a list of names.

The trend seems to be wing depth, an area in which Philly has been lacked for years now. With an established, sharp-shooting forward, the Sixers could spread out the floor more and create space for Embiid and Simmons to operate in the post.

It is likely that whoever the Sixers want to trade for will require significant compensation from their part. What they would be willing to give up for any of these players, though, is still largely a mystery.

Either way, expect Philadelphia to be major buyers ahead of next month’s deadline.

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