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Loyalty is something you don’t see everywhere nowadays, especially in sports, as players are always pursuing bigger markets, more lucrative deals, and a better chance to win a Championship.

The NBA isn’t the exception to that trend, but throughout the course of history, some players have proven to be loyal to their fanbases and their organizations.

So, even in modern days when players are always trying to do what’s best for them, there have been a handful of players that’ll always put their team first. Today, we’ll let you know about them with our All-NBA Loyalty Lineup.


Stephen Curry – 11 Years

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It’s crazy to think that the Minnesota Timberwolves passed on Stephen Curry twice in the Draft. Gladly for the Warriors, that meant they had the opportunity to turn their franchise around with a talented young man that could take them to the top.

Needless to say, Steph did all that and more. Through 11 seasons, he became the league’s greatest three-point shooter ever. He also led the team to 5 straight trips to the NBA Finals, winning 3 of them. Also, he won a couple of MVPs, and he’s definitely going to finish his career as a Dub.


Damian Lillard – 8 Years

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Damian Lillard was born and raised in Oakland and he still represents his hometown every time he has the chance to do so. Also, he didn’t attend a big college program, so you know he’s was breed differently. He doesn’t pursue shiny lights or big markets, he’s all about loyalty.

Lillard was linked with a trade out of Portland earlier on his career. However, he’s constantly repeated that he’s eager to become the greatest Blazer ever. He’s the kind of competitor that would rather never win a Championship and build a legacy of his own instead of chasing a ring elsewhere.


Giannis Antetokounmpo – 7 Years

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Giannis Antetokounmpo wasn’t even supposed to be in the league, so he’s showed the Milwaukee Bucks his appreciation for trusting him repeatedly. He’s entirely focused on winning, and not in big money, big markets, or forming a Superteam.

There’s been some speculation regarding Giannis’ future as he’ll be eligible to sign a supermonster contract extension next season. He could enter free agency in 2021 and leave for a contender, but that just doesn’t seem like something he’d do.


Draymond Green – 8 Years

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Draymond Green has fought with his heart and his soul for every single minute of playing time in the NBA. He fought his way up from the 2nd round, to the bench, to the starting lineup, to winning 3 Championships and being the league’s Defensive Player of the Year.

Draymond has played a huge part in the Warriors’ success and identity, and he didn’t hesitate the slightest to take a pay cut and extend his contract with the franchise. He knows his jersey will hang in the rafters of the Chase Center one day, and he’s just never going to leave the bay.


Andre Drummond – 8 Years

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Andre Drummond has been with the Detroit Pistons through thick and thin. Well, actually, it’s been mostly thin. However, he’s fought hard night in and night out playing his heart off and working a lot on his game to try and lead them to the playoffs.

Drummond is the league’s most dominant rebounder and one of the best defenders in the world. However, his loyalty tenure may soon come to an end, as the Pistons have made everybody available in trade talks and he’s gauging a lot of interest.


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