Former NBA player Delonte West is having a rough go of it recently. Appearing homeless and sick, he was caught getting beat-up on camera. As footage made its rounds around the internet, fans started calling on anyone with the resources to step up and help the guy.

LeBron James recently vowed to do what it takes to help his former teammate, and he is clearly willing to break the bank to make it happen.

According to, Bron was “heartbroken” upon seeing the video and ie expected to step in with some kind of aid.

After a heart-breaking video of former NBA Star and 24th pick Delonte West was released showing him high off drugs getting beat down by someone. Lebron and his team got wind of the video and people close to Lebron are saying Lebron was heart-broken by it.

Lebron has told his business partner Maverick Carter that he wants Delonte in Los Angeles and that he will spend whatever money it takes to get Delonte back on his feet.

If anyone has the resources to help West, it’s Bron. After years of playing and dominating in the NBA, he’s made a small fortune.

As one of his former teammates, perhaps James feels obligated to help, even if they didn’t have the best relationship. Nevertheless, it’s a good gesture from the league’s shining example of professionalism.

Keep on being you, LeBron.

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