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The Philadelphia 76ers are in the market for a ball-handling point guard. With Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, they have a core capable of dominating for years to come. But without depth in the backcourt, it seems the Sixers will always be just a piece or two away from true Championship contention.

As February’s trade deadline nears, there is speculation that they are in the hunt for several targets, including Oklahoma City’s Chris Paul.

(via Sam Quinn of CBS Sports)

“There’s no guarantee at this point that Oklahoma City would break up what has been a surprisingly fun and effective team, but Sam Presti is a realist. Elton Brand can dangle several of his own first-round picks as well as Oklahoma City’s own pick (protected 1-20) this season. Al Horford’s contract isn’t exactly team-friendly, but he’s a fit on almost any roster, and Billy Donovan did coach him in college. Oklahoma City’s future lies with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, not Paul. If dealing him now helps surround Gilgeous-Alexander with a contender later, it’s something the Thunder would consider.”

As a veteran, two-way, ball-handling point guard who could stretch the floor, CP3 checks virtually every box for the Sixers. With a trio of Paul, Simmons, and Embiid, the team would be able to compete with the elites in the East.

Best of all, they would trade Horford to get him. Despite signing for the max this summer, he hasn’t been performing up to standards this season.

Perhaps a change of scenery would bode well for him, and OKC might be the perfect place to start. With an enthusiastic young core, he could be a valuable voice in their rebuild.

It wil lbe interesting to see what the Sixers are able to pull off in the next few weeks to come.