After four episodes full of impressive memories, emotional testimonies, and more, ‘The Last Dance’ documentary is set to continue enchanting everybody around the world. Episode 5 and 6 of the docuseries will air this Sunday and we already know what to expect, at least from episode 5.

It takes us to Jordan’s last game in the Madison Square Garden, one of his favorite venues ever. The thing is that given it was his last time playing in the so-called ‘ world’s most famous arena”, Jordan had brought a special pair of shoes for the occasion. But, he was unaware that they were a size too small, which would create a problem for everybody.

It was hard for His Airness, but he actually managed to have a great game despite living a nightmare with those shoes.

“By halftime my feet are bleeding, but I’m having a good game, I don’t want to take them off,” Jordan reflects on the moment.

This story had already been covered in 2015 when SoleCollector recalled yet another impressive moment in Michael Jordan’s career.

Jordan never planned to wear the 1s for every single one of his 43 minutes played.

MJ wrote in his autobiography in 1998 that his wife found the shoes while she was doing some spring cleaning. Jordan’s original plan was to only wear the throwback sneakers during warmups, but kept them on for the game when he saw more and more people noticing them.

Good old Michael. This man was anything but normal, and you never stop getting surprised by the things he did on the court. Episode 5 and 6 of ‘The Last Dance’ are set to bring more and more emotions to the viewers, and we can’t wait for it.