Watching NBA legends do their thing on the basketball court is nothing short of awesome. Can you imagine what it must be like to share the court with them?

For players who have had the honor of playing with or against an NBA All-Time greats, it’s likely a feeling they’ll never forget.

But for Austin Rivers, as he revealed in an interview with Richard Jefferson, playing against LeBron James all of these years hasn’t exactly been a lot of fun.

“I’m not enjoying LeBron’s greatness right now. I have no fun playing against him. The fact that I didn’t play against Michael, I get to enjoy his greatness.”


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@austinjrivers says appreciating greatness is tough when it’s your competition 😆

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This may speak true for a lot of players who’ve played against LeBron or Mike. How hard is it for their competitors to enjoy their greatness?

Needless to say, even dudes who’ve played against these guys can’t reach an objective, unanimous conclusion on who the GOAT is. Is it LeBron? Is it Jordan? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers.

It seems like this is just one debate that will never be resolved…