Credit: AP Photo

Devin Booker made the headlines on Tuesday night after calling game against the Los Angeles Clippers to keep the Suns’ streak going as one of the teams who haven’t lost a game in the bubble. Booker has been terrific for the Suns since he made it to the team but he’s struggled to make his squad a winning one.

He’s trying to change that and even though he still needs help, Book is doing anything he can to turn things around. After the game-winning shot over Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Booker explained he’s trying to change the way people see him and the reality of his team. He wants to be known as a winner and nothing else.

“Every game is a new opportunity for us to get better and we have end goals in this team, he said. “I have personal goals for this team I want to reach. I want a reputation in this league as a winner. Through five years, I haven’t got to that part of my career yet but I’m working as extremely hard as I can to get there.

“I feel like we have a really good bunch to do it. A lot of guys in this locker room are locked in at all times and approaching the game with the right mindset and that’s all we can ask for.”

During the last minutes of the game, when the ball was hot, Booker took it and scored to keep his team afloat and give them the victory at the horn.

He won’t make the Suns a winning team this season, but he can make more noise in the bubble if he keeps playing this way. The Suns know this guy can do a lot for them and if they find the right pieces, Devin will take this team to the next level. No wonder people see him as the 3rd best shooting guard in the league, only behind James Harden and Bradley Beal.

Booker is averaging 30.7 points since play resumed in July.