The NBA can surprise fans a lot when you start digging about stats from two different players. It just does not happen in NBA 2K; there are real stats that can blow your mind, especially when you talk about two players with so different realities like Lonzo Ball and Devin Booker.

While the New Orleans Pelicans guard had a bittersweet season, the Phoenix Suns young gun confirmed he is the real deal and that he can lead his team to do meaningful things with the right help. However, this season, Ball was better than Booker in one surprising category.

Lonzo made 7 more threes than Devin Booker this campaign, with Booker being a known shooter in the league. To make things worse, he did so with a higher 3-point percentage, and in fewer games played than the Phoenix Suns player.

Lonzo made 148 threes on 37.5% shooting, in 63 games played. On the other hand, Booker made141 threes on 35.4% shooting in 70 games played.

Booker landed in the bubble with little to no expectations and he succeeded in Orlando. The 23-year-old led his Suns to an 8-0 run in the bubble but was unable to take it to the postseason. Next season he’ll try to take that final step and take the Suns to the promised land.

As for Lonzo, his tenure in the bubble was a nightmare and he’ll try to improve his game and numbers next season. Still, this is a very surprising fact.