Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors in 2016 is still a controversial move in the NBA. Regardless of all the criticism the player and the team received after the 2016 free agency, KD seemed to work pretty well with his new team, and proof of that are the two titles they won in three straight trips to the NBA Finals.

Steve Kerr recently explained why Durant was the perfect addition to his Warriors team, easily adapting to play alongside other big players like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. They weren’t selfish and could let their other teammates have the ball without crying about it. That’s what made that team that successful, giving Durant two NBA championships (1:07:00 mark).

“Not just an amazing player, but a player who was going to fit in perfectly with the way we already played.”

“Watching Kevin over the years in Oklahoma City, he’s the most skilled guy in the league in terms of shooting, passing, versatility, shot-blocking. It was going to be such a seamless fit,” Steve Kerr mentioned.

“He [Kevin Durant] was not ball-dominant. He didn’t have to have the ball in his hands all the time, and neither did Steph. They were both perfectly willing to play off the ball,” Kerr added.

Four years after that move, the Golden State Warriors earned two more titles, ruled the league during the time Durant was with them and created one of the best teams in NBA history. Although they parted ways with KD last summer, the Warriors enjoyed a lot of good moments with Durantula, but now it’s time to show the world they can win without the 2014 NBA MVP.