Imagine you’re a kid and have an NBA player in front of you. Now imagine if you are unable to recognize that player. That is what happened with a little kid last year during Kyle Kuzma’s camp.

This little guy approached Kuzma himself and asked him where Kyle Kuzma was. When the Los Angeles Lakers player replied he was in fact Kyle Kuzma, the kid didn’t believe him. He repeated the same thing like three times but the kid was reluctant to fall for that.

Then, they went to look for somebody else to ask for Kyle Kuzma. The kid couldn’t believe Kuzma was actually him and described the ‘real’ Kuzma. Then the pair went to look for this person and found somebody with a jacket. That was the Kyle Kuzma the little kid was looking for.

A short but funny exchange between the pair. After this season, the kid surely knows who is Kyle Kuzma.

Kuz is ready to enter a new season with the Los Angeles Lakers, trying to revalidate their 2020 NBA championship. Kuzma was heavily criticized last year for his performances in the bubble so this season is very important for him. He recently sent a message to haters when announcing his new signature shoes.

He is still young and has a lot to show. The Lakers are confident they can get something good from Kuzma but the fans aren’t so fond of him. }