The GOAT debate is getting more and more opinions as the days go by. This topic has been one of the hottest in the league, with plenty of analysts, former and current NBA players giving their opinions on the matter.

The last one to add his name to the list was Muggsy Bogues, who revealed his Top 3 and praised every single one of the players in that mini-ranking. The Charlotte Hornets legend recently talked with DJ Vlad on Vlad TV, where he explained what he thinks about the GOAT debate and what are the three best players he’s ever seen (3:13 mark).

“They’re all sitting at the same table. I should say MJ is above them all for me and then I would get MJ, LeBron, and Kobe.”

Talking about why he picked LeBron second all-time ahead of Kobe Bryant, Bogues explained:

“Because of what LeBron is still able to do at this stage in his career and we’ve seen Kobe before.” He further added, “Kobe was able to imitate what MJ was able to do as well and take it to that level but LeBron did it in a way at a six-nine body frame.”

“The longevity that he has displayed each and every year and he has been able to elevate his team and teammates. Last but not the least, he was able to win a championship at each spot. That’s a treat within itself and getting into the finals, nine times out of ten. That’s pretty strong,” added Bogues on LeBron.

LeBron is still writing his legacy in the league. The King hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down and that’s why his Los Angeles Lakers remain a clear favorite to win the NBA championship this season. Bron is 36 and playing in his 18th NBA season and he still dominates. Jordan and Kobe were great at 35, too, even though they had different results at that age.

Many people believe LeBron will end his career as the GOAT but as of right now, Bogues is convinced that Michael Jordan is the best to ever do it.