It’s fair to say that Bradley Beal is living a nightmare with the Washington Wizards right now. He has been part of the team throughout his entire career but they aren’t the competitive team that always made the postseason; they are struggling, are probably the worst team in the association at this moment and Beal is frustrated with that situation.

Beal has been ballin’ and trying to get wins for his team but nothing seems to work for him. The Wizards fell to 3-11 on Wednesday night despite Beal dropping 47 points on the New Orleans Pelicans. He couldn’t do more than that and Washington ended up losing by 18 points against the Pels.

He was spotted visibly upset on the Wizards’ bench and the NBA community started to send messages about wanting to see Beal free from his team. NBA Twitter reacted to Beal frustrated at the end of the game and while some agreed that he needs to get out of Washington, others remembered that he was the one who signed a two-year max extension with Washington in 2019.

This season was expected to be better for them after landing Russell Westbrook via trade but things haven’t clicked for Russ or his team and Beal is getting tired of this situation. Time will tell how this will end but the picture doesn’t look that good for anybody within the organization.