(via Bleacher Report)

With the 2021 All-Star rosters set, the only thing left to do was for the captains to pick their teams. So, with LeBron James and Kevin Durant having officially picked their squads on Thursday night, we finally have a glimpse as to what the All-Star game will look like.

Here are the rosters, in order of how they were picked. James picked first for the starters, and Durant picked first for the reserves.

Team LeBron: Giannis Antetokounmpo (starter), Steph Curry (starter), Luka Doncic (starter), Nikola Jokic (starter), Damian Lillard (reserve), Ben Simmons (reserve), Chris Paul (reserve), Jaylen Brown (reserve), Paul George (reserve), Domantas Sabonis (reserve), Rudy Gobert (reserve)

Team Durant: Kyrie Irving (starter), Joel Embiid (starter), Kawhi Leonard (starter), Jayson Tatum (starter), Bradley Beal (starter), James Harden (reserve), Devin Booker (reserve), Zion Williamson (reserve), Zach LaVine (reserve), Julius Randle (reserve), Nikola Vucevic (reserve), Donovan Mithell (reserve)

Obviously, it’s interesting that the two Utah stars (Mitch and Gobert) were picked dead last, and there are bound to be a few more storylines to come. It will be fun to see what folks have to say about it all.

As for which team has the upper hand, that’s not going to be an easy thing to predict this year. Both teams have amazing talent and they will definitely put on a show for us all.

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