Bradley Beal is having a very good season with the Washington Wizards. He’s been playing great basketball for the past couple of seasons but this one, things really took off for him. The shooting guard is the main responsible for his team’s impressive 8-3 run in the last 11 games, finishing the first half of the season as one of the hottest teams in the association.

Beal earned his third All-Star nod thanks to his good performances with the Wizards and everybody is labeling him as one of the best scorers in the league. Although some people don’t think the player is actually getting better this season, the rest of the league does and one scout even said he is a better scorer than two other best names in the game, Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard.

Via The Athletic:

A pro scout who had Beal third said the guard is having “such a monster season offensively. … It’s hard to put anybody above Steph or Damian, but if you’re just talking about pure scoring, it’s possible Beal is just better than those guys. A little stronger than Steph, a little bigger than Dame. The game is about skill and talent, but the bigger you are, the easier it is to get your shot.”

Comparisons will always be controversial and we’re pretty sure a lot of people would say the opposite to this. Beal is really good at what he does but so are the other two. Curry and Lillard are two of the best shooters in the league right now but the game keeps evolving and we get to see more players who have a lot of tools to score.

Bradley is the leading scorer of the league right now and that’s not a fluke. This man has gotten better season after season and it’s good to see he’s getting the recognition he deserves.

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