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Jake Paul Wants To Fight LeBron James: 'Let's See Who The Real King Of Ohio Is?'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Jake Paul just knocked out former NBA star Jake Robinson two weeks ago and he's ready to take on the next challenge of his freshly-started boxing career. Paul has gotten a lot of confidence in recent days and now is calling out another NBA player to step on the ring with him.

Yet, that doesn't seem like a good idea for the Youtube personality. Paul took to Twitter to call out none other than the Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, and he did it in a great way. Paul really wanted to make noise and he told the four-time NBA champion to settle who was the real 'King of Ohio'.

"Let’s see who the real king of Ohio is? @KingJames" Paul wrote on Twitter.

Of course, not everybody was excited with this and fans instantly called out Paul for trying to fight LeBron to start a career, while others urged him to call out a real boxer not an NBA player. He still found some support, though.

This is curious knowing that Paul snubbed a possibility of fighting LeBron because he was 'too big'. Now things have apparently changed but Paul will need to find another opponent; the NBA is about to start and LeBron is focused on other projects to be looking to fighting Jake Paul.

The King has been called out a lot in recent times by fighters. UFC star Colby Covington claimed he would knock out LeBron in less time than Paul KO'd Robinson. Well, Paul jumped on that train and now is waiting for a response that will never arrive.