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Katya Elise Henry Suggests She Gave Tyler Herro A Big Congratulation After Dropping 37 Points

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Tyler Herro is living his best life right now. The Miami Heat rookie sensation is playing like anything but a rookie during this postseason and his last game against the Boston Celtics was the biggest proof of that. He went off with 37 points on 14 of 21 shooting, six rebounds and three assists against the C's, giving Miami the third win of the series, looking unstoppable on their way to the Finals.

Everybody was in awe after Herro's performance and he received big praise from everybody around the league. However, probably the most important congratulation for Tyler was from his girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry, who was as excited as the Heat players to see Herro play such a big game.

She took to Instagram to support her loved one and on Twitter, she made the biggest 'revelation' of the night.

kathya 1

While celebrating the Heat were just one game away from the Finals, she made it clear that Tyler was going to get a good gift from her when he made it to the hotel room that night.

Herro is a hero. Pun intended. He keeps improving his game on the court and has already shown everybody he is that good off the court, as well. The player keeps shooting, keeps scoring and winning.

2020 might have been bad for most people, but for Herro has been a terrific year.