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Larsa Pippen Opens Up On Relationships With Scottie Pippen And Malik Beasley

Larsa Pippen Opens Up On Relationships With Scottie Pippen And Malik Beasley

Scottie and Larsa Pippen finished their divorce process in December after several years of trying to end their union. In the process, they engaged in back and forths, Larsa had affairs with other basketball players and celebrities, while Pippen shot his shot with models, made an appearance on The Last Dance, and wrote a book where he trashes Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and more people. 

Larsa is making a lot of noise recently, spilling the tea whenever she has the chance. This week, one of the most famous NBA ex-wives opened up on her current relationship with Scottie Pippen, the divorce process, and even the relationships she had in the middle of everything. 

Talking to US Weekly, Larsa spoke about her expectations now that she's legally single and the regrets she had of her relationship with the Chicago Bulls legend. Moreover, she also touched on her short-lived romance with Minnesota Timberwolves' controversial player Malik Beasley.

“I feel like it was three years. I was like, ‘Is it ever gonna be over?’ It’s the longest divorce in history,” Larsa, 47, told Us Weekly on January 13, episode of “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “I’m kind of glad that like, you know, we are where we are today. The divorce is over, we’re still in a great place and our kids are older too.”

Despite the Larsa Marie founder looking forward to her future as a single woman, she did express some regret that her marriage did not work out.

“I wish my kids would have had, you know, a mom and dad in the same home. I felt guilty because I just, you know, I grew up with my mom and dad,” Larsa explained to Us. “I wanted my kids to grow up like that, but as far as our relationship, it couldn’t be better than it is right now. To be honest with you, we’re like, in such a great place. We love each other. We’re always gonna support each other. We support our kids, you know, we’re just in a really good place.”

She added, “I’m really proud of Scottie and I and how we’ve navigated through this divorce and through, you know, obstacles.”

“I don’t wanna give too much life to my past relationship,” Larsa explained when asked about her relationship with Beasley. “I just think you learn from all your mistakes. You grow every day, and I just feel like I’m in a better place today than I was yesterday.”

It's good to know that Larsa and Scottie are on good terms now. A lot was said about their relationship and subsequent breakup and the things they both lived during that time. Larsa dated rapper Future, Sacramento Kings center Tristan Thompson and more recently, Malik Beasley. 

She's made some headlines due to her affairs and the revelations she's made in recent times. Right now, she says she earns $10K per day on OnlyFans, talking with Middle Eastern men, who she calls her friends. Money never sleeps and Larsa is well aware of that.