Nate Robinson And Jake Paul Had Only $600 Guaranteed Apiece For Their Boxing Fight

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Nate Robinson and Jake Paul fought on Saturday night in the co-main event of Mike Tyson return to the ring in an exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr. It was an entertaining fight, the hype was huge around the bout, but Paul didn't need more than two rounds to beat the former NBA player and get the victory.

There are a lot of curiosities about this fight but the biggest one of all was the money that both fighters had guaranteed entering the ring. Even though Robinson was a very famous NBA player and Paul is an internet celebrity, they didn't have that much money guaranteed.

Via Marc Raimondi of ESPN:

Another interesting note on purses for tonight's boxing in LA: ex-NBA veteran Nate Robinson and YouTube personality Jake Paul, who fight in the Tyson vs. Jones semi main event, will each be making a guaranteed minimum $600 apiece for the bout. That's the California commission minimum -- $100 per round. Obviously, each man will be making more than that in total, but that is their guaranteed minimum.

Of course, after the bout, they had more money to take home. According to Darrelle Lincoln of Total Pro Sports, they took $600K home instead of the $600 they initially had guaranteed. This was Robinson's debut as a professional boxer and it's unclear if he will give it another shot at the sport, but Paul is taking this very seriously and is already calling out other fighters for his next combats.