NBA Fans React To Skip Bayless Muscled Picture: "Make An OnlyFans"

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NBA Fans React To Skip Bayless Muscled Picture: "Mr. Steal My Girl"

Skip Bayless is one of the most controversial analysts out there thanks to all his comments on LeBron James and more NBA stars. He's not afraid to speak his mind, even if he says incredibly wrong things about some players.

He has earned a reputation around the league and fans don't miss their chance to troll him whenever they have the opportunity. Recently, he took to Instagram to show off his body and how well he's maintained his fitness even during a global pandemic. Bayless is turning 70 this year and is looking better than a lot of young people right now, including the one writing this article.

Plenty of fans saw his IG post and instantly started praising him, some mocking him and others with a more serious note, revealing he looked better than them even at 69.

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NBA fans are always ready to troll and this time wasn't the exception. He's not as muscular as his Undisputed partner Shannon Sharpe but Skip is in very good shape. There's no skip day for him and it really shows.