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Stephen A. Smith Complimented Molly Qerim's "Look" Amidst Speculation About Relationship Between Them

Stephen A. Smith Complimented Molly Qerim's "Look" Amidst Speculation About Relationship Between Them

Molly Qerim has been in the news recently due to her divorce from fellow ESPN analyst, Jalen Rose. There has been a lot of speculation among fans about why the duo split up.

Some people have suggested that the reason that Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim split up is due to Molly Qerim having a relationship with another colleague, Stephen A. Smith. Jalen Rose has recently come out to deny those rumors.

In my personal relationship, it was laughable to me, to see [Molly Querim] and I mutually part ways, be in accord about why we’re parting ways, and still see people speculating on why. Not only speculating—in particular saying it was because her and Stephen A. Smith had a relationship. And…And, like, unequivocally, I’m not here to speak for what he does in his personal life or what she does in her personal life, I got love for both of them. We still 100. I would just say that for people who thought we parted ways because they have a relationship? Then I got some swampland in Detroit to sell you for top dollar. That is not why we split.

I still see that, by the way. I might say something about someone’s team and I’ll see, “That’s why Molly left him!” or “That’s why Stephen A. kickin’ it wit’ yo ex-wife!” That’s not true. But, when it happened, it’s two ways for me to handle it as a professional: I work with him, I got love for him, and that's my brother. I got love for her, we were friends before we were married, we just didn’t work as a couple. I just saw her today. We cool! But for me to see the speculation and for people to assume that was why, it bothered me.

Stephen A. Smith has recently complimented Molly Qerim for her "look" on First Take, amidst all of the speculation from fans around the two having a relationship. Obviously, though, a compliment doesn't automatically mean that the two are dating.

There's no doubt that some people will take things the wrong way. There is no indication that Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim are currently in a romantic relationship.

We'll see if more information regarding these rumors comes up later on. Jalen Rose has already addressed them, but oftentimes, famous people are subject to a lot of speculation about their relationship status from fans. Hopefully, we see these rumors dissipate fully though, as nobody wants false information to be spread about them.