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Video: Bryce James' Hilarious Impersonation Of His Dad LeBron James

Credit: Savannah James

Credit: Savannah James

LeBron James is at the Orlando bubble right now focused on taking the Lakers to win the NBA trophy. One could say he's very missed at his home, but that doesn't seem to be the case since Bryce makes the perfect impersonation of his dad. Bron's second child has some imitation talents as he showed recently in an Instagram story.

Savannah James, Bron's wife and mother of Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri James, shared the video on Saturday night, breaking the internet with Bryce's impersonation of LeBron. In the stories, the 13-year-old was talking with his older brother but using the mimics of his father, his expression and even changing his voice.

None of us knows how LeBron is with his family but the fact that Savannah and Bronny were losing it shows how accurate Bryce was.

He appears telling a story of the King from Cleveland, then asking Bronny how tall he is and acting surprised by how high the teenager is.

That was just great and it shows the personality these kids have and the good atmosphere at the James house.

Even though some fans joked with LeBron trading Bryce, we're pretty sure the King enjoyed the impersonation as much as his family and the fans.