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Stephen Curry's Epic Response To Analyst Who Called Him A 'System Player'

Stephen Curry's Epic Response To Analyst Who Called Him A 'System Player'

Stephen Curry is an all-time great both on and off the court. The Golden State Warriors legend has been terrific for his team, taking them to win three championships in five years, becoming the last dynasty in the league. Curry has done everything, he's won MVP awards, scoring championships and more, but people always find a way to disrespect him and his career.

The latest example of that came when ESPN's Bomani Jones labeled Curry as a 'system player'. He did say Curry was the 'greatest system player of all time' but still, calling Steph a system player is not right. Yes, he plays for a good coach in Steve Kerr but denying his abilities and all the things he can do on the court isn't accurate.

“If you tell me that you have Kevin Durant, you have a chance to win the championship. If you tell me you have Kawhi Leonard, my immediate response is, ‘You have a chance to win a championship.’ And the same with LeBron [James and Giannis Antetokounmpo]. You tell me you got Steph — I want you to tell me a little bit more … my only problem with Steph though — this is a big problem — getting his own shot. He can get his own shot if he shoots it from 40 (feet).

“He’s got sick handle and all that stuff. There’s something different. It’s hard to explain what it is with Steph, but Steph is somehow like the greatest system player of all time. And I’m not saying that to shade him. But you are not going 1-4 flat and being like, ‘Get us a bucket.’ “

Well, Steph knew how to handle the situation and dished a great response to Jones without even mentioning him. The 3x NBA champion took to Twitter to celebrate the return of the WNBA on Saturday while making fun of Jones' comments.

"Go get it ladies!!!

And shout out to all the system players in the @wnba. We get it done 💪🏽👀," he wrote.

Curry is arguably the greatest shooter of all time. Calling him a system player is something ridiculous. He led a team that became one of the most dangerous dynasties of all time, playing a key role in their success and winning awards for his performances in the process. We're not sure what is the concept of 'system player' for Bomani Jones, but Steph Curry definitely doesn't fit that.