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Why Every Time LeBron Is Reading A Book He’s On The First Page?

(via @thehurryupnba)

(via @thehurryupnba)

NBA fans have wondered why LeBron James is always on the first page of every book he reads. Whenever the King is caught reading a book, he's not so far from the first page, and the community noticed that. 

It hasn't happened just once, and it's nothing new for LeBron. He's been doing this for some time now. One NBA fan took notice of that and shared a series of pics showing Bron doing this, and the NBA world was quick to react to this. 

Some said he just does it for the show. Others defended LeBron from people attacking for something else that's not basketball. 

James is not only one of the best basketball players in history but a very smart person. Of course, it's well known that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar didn't attend college. Still, he made sure to educate himself on plenty of matters. 

You can say he's just posing here, but Bron is a student, not only of the game. He probably has read more books than a lot of people and knows a lot of things. However, this doesn't take the fact that this is hilarious. 

It's such a big coincidence that he's always on the first page of every book. As someone said, perhaps that's all he needs to read to catch the information.