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LeBron James Has Been The Highest-Rated Player In NBA 2K For Over A Decade

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Fadeaway World

LeBron James has been dominant for the most part of his career, doing impressive things on the court, showing his talents and skill set night in and night out, something that has been translated to the video game world. LeBron has been a favorite for the people in charge of NBA 2K (although he's been featured only once on the cover), having big ratings for the past couple of years, being the clear dominator of the game.

NBA 2K released the ratings for the next-gen version of the game, with LeBron leading the pack with a 98 OVR rating. Following his impressive run in the NBA bubble, the developers decided he was the best player in the game as well as fans see him as the best player in the world. Moreover, this rating means LeBron has been the highest-rated player in the video game for over a decade.

  • NBA 2K11: LeBron, Wade, Kobe - 97
  • NBA 2K12: LeBron - 98
  • NBA 2K13: LeBron - 98
  • NBA 2K14: LeBron - 99
  • NBA 2K15: LeBron - 98
  • NBA 2K16: LeBron - 94
  • NBA 2K17: LeBron - 96
  • NBA 2K18: LeBron - 97
  • NBA 2K19: LeBron - 98
  • NBA 2K20: LeBron, Kawhi - 97
  • NBA 2K21: LeBron - 98

He has been consistent and dominant over the course of the years. Before 2011, James had shared the highest ratings in the game with Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Kevin Garnett among others. He was always at the top of the lists and that hasn't changed a bit.

Bron just finished his 17th season in the league, playing at the highest level at the age of 35. No wonder they gave him that rating. He is one of the greatest players ever, arguably the most durable player of all time and this is another proof of that. He hasn't shown any signs of slowing down yet so we'll probably see him at least sharing the first spot on the list in 2K22.